Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why (WHY WHY WHY) do girls shriek?

Is it just hardwired into their little girly selves? Wednesdays are 'Early Release' days for my childrens school district (don't even get me started about *that* one), so Trey and I get home and have to share our peace and quiet w/ the girls. Today is an extra special day because my older daughter brought a friend home. Here is just a sampling of our day.
The girls head up the hill to watch the neighborhood boys jump into a bush.....yes, jump *into* a bush (why? I'm not quite sure, and why is this watchable? Again, not quite sure, but it gets the squealy girls out of the house and away from my sleeping child).

The girls head back down the hill with boys following- there seems to be some sort of scary animal involved.

The girls run through the front of the house, out onto the back deck, shrieking in unison. I yell down (softly.....because that's how I yell), "girls, Trey is sleeping", and they promise me they will be quiet.

Two minutes later, more pounding feet and loud shrieks- again, I think due to the boys and the scary animal, which may or may not be a snake of some sort, or at least I think I saw one of the boys holding something long and squirmy. I'll be heading down shortly to check it out- if it IS a snake, I just might join in w/ the shriek fest.

And, in case you were sitting there holding your breath, yes it WAS a snake. However, sweet Trey is downstairs snoring away. The shrieks seem to only bother me, maybe because I do not wear a cochlear implant and hearing aid, which are taken off during naps- the silver lining :)

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Jennifer said...

They shriek at my house, too. Occasionally I just have to take off my ears for a while and get a little peace and quiet!!!!!!