Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Batteries- Hate 'Em!

We started out two weeks ago with five in circulation (cochlear implant batteries). We're now down to 3, and we have four CIs in our house. I hate that Cochlear Implant batteries (at least ABs) are not more durable. For $100-$200, they should hold up better. I have a plastic bag filled with 6 broken batteries right now (all broken between September and now). That's close to $1,000 worth of batteries- ouch.

O.K. Done venting :)


leahlefler said...

They should really make sturdy, rechargable batteries for CI's! The price tag for those puppies is so high. I'll never complain about HA battery prices again, lol!

Loudest Mom said...

No, but I hate buying those as well. They are not cheap either :)

We burn through those......