Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Last vacation of the summer....

We were supposed to travel to California with my daughter's soccer team for the Mustang Stampede, but at the last minute the team decided to withdraw (missing an assortment of players due to all kinds of issues, injury, and one teammate qualifying for the Hershey National track meet).  So, I went into scramble mode to come up with a vacation.  We spent time at our friend's condo near Government Camp, which was nice as they are abandoning us for drier, warmer weather in Florida.  We then traveled to Sunriver, Oregon. It was sunny, with pools readily available, and white water rafting close by.  It was amazing. Explaining to our rafting guide that he needed to explain the safety rules to four kids who can't hear was also entertaining ;) That said, Glen, the guide was amazing with the kids.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fixing the broken cochlear implant.....

Emily's right implant just quite working out of the blue. This is her favorite implant (which probably makes no sense, but yes, she has greatly preferred her original implant to her "newer" implant). That said, going with the newer implant only for a week has made her adjust to it and she finally admitted that it sounds just like her original one.  If there is a silver lining, that would be it.  That said, I need to figure out if her old implant is fixable.  I have done what troubleshooting I can, and this is beyond me.  It is not the head piece, or the battery, or the ear hook.  Bummer.

Any thoughts? (This is an AB Harmony processor)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Swim Lessons Today

Trey is still not completely safe in the pool yet, so we are starting another round of lessons.  My sister and I basically grew up in the water, of course in Texas pools are on every corner it (or at least it seems like it).  Here where we spend so much of the year wet, you have to work a bit harder to find a pool. That said, we belong to a club that has two pools, and yet, Trey is still not swimming.

It is harder when you have to take off your "ears" to swim.  The teaching process gets a little bit harder, so when we find a good visual teacher, we are thrilled. We are back with the swim teacher from last year, but she just told me she is leaving in three weeks- NO!! Let's hope she can work some magic in the next three weeks ;)

** Like that picture? Doesn't it look safe? I'm sure there is no way he could stand on that, fall back and crack his head open.....Yes, those thoughts went through my mind over and over. Such a boy thing.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Texas pics round 2

Trey's favorite activity

Six Flags: Jake, Delaney, Emily, and Trey

Emily and my niece Ainsley

A bad family picture ;) (missing Rob, he stayed home due to work)

See the love???


The girls: Addison, Delaney, my sister Laura, Ainsley, my mom, Me, and Em

Delaney and Ainsley

Texas Vacation

Here are some pictures of the week we spent with my family in Texas. 
This is the kids on the Scream ride.....I would definitely have done just that!

You're never too old for your mom to force you to pose with a life-size stuffed character

Trey with my nephew Connor

Jake relaxing with a book.....this rarely happens at home

This also rarely happens (typically if they are sitting this close they are hurting each other)

Emily and I (not the best pic....)

Delaney and my niece Addison

Trey, my mom, Emily, and I

Emily and Addison

I forgot: I am now officially a teacher

I had a second interview on Monday with a school principal and was offered the job on that day. I am thrilled!!! Now I have to make the most of this summer and get this house whipped into shape.  My new-hire paperwork is in the mail (which once I see it I'm sure I will feel more official.....right now I think I'm still afraid I dreamt it ;)

I am considering this my first full-week of "normal" summer....

meaning non-vacation, "we're bored, what can we do", kind of days.  It has been a bit overcast for the last couple of days, which after the 100 degree heat in Texas should be welcome.  Instead it's a bit of a let down.  It's summer darn it, and here in the Pacific NW we are owed our warm and SUNNY summers. None of this wet stuff.  Emily is partaking in soccer camp at the University of Portland, and despite the rain yesterday is having a fantastic time.

The rest of us are trying to clean, which really means I am cleaning and they are coming up with reasons why they *cannot, possibly* clean anything.

I hope everyone watched the US women play in the semi-finals today....yes, my world now really is run totally by soccer games ;)  It was an amazing second half which I thoroughly enjoyed from the elliptical machine at the gym.  I found during times when I wanted them to move faster, I tended to go faster- I'm sure anyone watching me was cracking up.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hello Everyone!

I am happy to report I graduated with a Masters in Special Ed (FINALLY), so now I can hopefully catch up on blogging.  The kids are out of school for summer and immersed in soccer tournaments, sunshine, and downtime.  On a bad note, Em woke up this morning and her "favorite" implant is not working!!! No! So, she is wearing her "newer" implant only (four years old, but still the least preferred), and is doing pretty well overall. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise? Who knows.  Delaney hurt her knee in the soccer game last night, so we will be heading to physical therapy early this next week to see how long she is out :( She also managed to break her iPhone. Which do you think shook her world more? Yes, the phone.

Anyway- just a quick note before I have to run out the door for another game.