Friday, February 27, 2009

Trey's Field Trip (w/ a tag-a-long brother)

Trey's class went to the local museum of science and industry to learn how to be nature guides.

These pictures are not really representative of the "guide" experience....
But they sum up the trip as a whole...

Both boys had a great time learning about foxes, owls, bears, and frogs....
But their favorite part was....

Diggin through the owl 'hairball' looking for rodent bones- GROSS!

BTW- we got to bring the rodent bones home as a souvenir- more gross!

Basketball Game- Check Out Emily's Crazy Defensive Skills.....

I know....these are riveting, aren't they?

It's hard to get a good indoor basketball shot... not enough light
But, that doesn't keep me from trying

Crazy defense skills? O.K., not really, but she takes the game quite seriously. Except when she is dribbling the ball between her legs, Harlem Globetrotters style

Almost finished w/ my paper....

I have two paragraphs left- yet I keep putting it off. So, as part of my procrastination efforts, I am going to 'entertain' you w/ some new pictures.
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How to Keep Track of So Many Dates.....

I had to spend most of the day recapping the intricate details of my children's hearing/non-hearing lives. We are preparing for the potential due process hearing, and I was asked to put together timelines for each of the children- when they lost their hearing, when they received their hearing aids/implants, etc. You would think it would all be imprinted on my brain- and the information would be readily available. But, I think with all of the many dates, multiplied by four, some of the details become a bit fuzzy.

It was a task well-worth doing, and now I have it all in print :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Kids Discovered the Webcam...

Which is really funny. They keep trying to record their best moments, but it tends to break down into an endless cycle of "you 'totally' ruined my movie", which upon watching was definitely not 'ruinable'. But, it's been a great tool for Trey. He's gotten into recording himself singing songs. It's very cute- and NOT very recognizable.

But I LOVE it!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Quick Update: Due Process Hearing, Audiology, etc.


Just a quick heads-up. This week and next are basically the online equivalent of Finals....and I'm swamped. Literally, since there is no final exam, they give you extra projects, and I was already at my limit with the normal weeks work. So, I may be hit or miss for the next bit.

But, quickly, I met with the director of Trey's school, and I think we're going to proceed w/ the due process hearing. That said, I have a ton of work to do for the lawyer on that as well- this weekend :( So, I'm going to be on the computer, but no here necessarily. What else?

I am unsure if my daughter, Delaney, EVER goes to speech, and this is concerning to me. Research to come, I'll keep you posted. And last but not least, Emily's FM receiver appears to not be working, and they sent it home to me to fix....huh? And yet they promise me they can meet Trey's needs.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In The Market For A Good Audiologist-

It just dawned on me that Jake has not been to the Audiologist in 9+ months. We never go that long, due to the fluctuating nature of the kids hearing loss. So, I'm on a quest for a great Audiologist, who works with children and has experience with Widex hearing aids. It doesn't seem like it would be that difficult does it? Well, it is. And, I'm talking it's hard when *not* taking location into the equation. If I throw in "I'd love not to have to drive forever" than you can just forget about it :) But, that said, I haven't done this research for awhile- I grew complacent with driving a ways away, and having someone who was good (but she is now gone), and in retrospect ordered hearing aids for the boys that were not really great choices. So let me change that 'good' to she was 'o.k.'. Wish me luck!

So Full.....

My wonderful husband had a case for work in another town, a few hours away, and he brought me back a surprise yesterday. He had been telling me about this great rice and bean type restaurant, maybe cuban or caribbean. Good beans and rice could quite possibly be one of my favorite things in the world to eat, so he brought me take-out, which I saved until today, for lunch. I was only going to eat half (you know, trying to lose that baby weight, and yes- the baby is almost FIVE!!), but nope- I ate every stinking bite. And loved it. But I'm really full now- good thing we are not eating dinner until 8:00 tonight!

Yum!!! I wonder if the kids would enjoy homemade rice and beans for dinner tonight, rather than the roast chicken???

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Running Behind...

Since the second I got up this morning, I have been running late. I'm not sure if it is the after effect of a long weekend, or just the fact that we all were running so many different directions, it's now hard to get back on track? It's nice to finally have a moment to sit, and enjoy the peace and quiet.

I have two more weeks of class, and I will have finished my first graduate course....What a relief. That said, I have a final paper due next week (and several projects due this week), but still- I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

I better run, just wanted to pop on quickly to say hello.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Pre-Valentine's Day Date Night....

We rarely go out to dinner (mainly because the two boys together are still a bit of a handful. Last night I promised the two that I'm in charge of for the weekend, that we would go out to dinner. So we did. We went out for Chinese food, and it was a very enjoyable evening. (Not a great picture of me, but I thought I commemorate the evening with a picture....Jake's face makes it all worthwhile).

We *might* actually do it again someday - Jake has already asked if we can go back again tonight :)

Happy Valentine's Day

A little Valentine's Day humor for you all

My husband told me to delete all of way. I'm saving these for when he is 16/17 years old, and getting ready to go out on a date- these are SO going to be shown.

All Emily's idea, but why he went along with it? I don't know!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dividing and Conquering.....

This weekend, Delaney has two soccer games in Seattle (one on Saturday, and the other midday Sunday), and Emily has two basketball games, one soccer game, and Jake has a soccer game. We decided it was not right to have Jake and Emily miss their games so we could all make the hike up North, so we are splitting up....temporarily.

My plan is to do something really fun with the other two kids....I just don't know what that is yet. I thought about dinner and a movie (casual dinner, childrens movie), but our last game is not over until 6:00 pm on Saturday. I'll be ready for bed at that point. Maybe rent a movie, and Papa Murphy's???

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wacky Wednesday.....Or A Day in the Life of a Crazy Person

That's the affectionate name for the day around our town. All of the elementary school kids have early release day EVERY Wednesday, making it always a hectic day. Today was further complicated by my older daughter calling me from the school bus to inform me that she forgot her math homework, and could I please deliver it. This is when I contemplated taking the advice of those who are trying to raise self-sufficient children, and telling her, "So sorry, maybe next time you will be more responsible", however, I remember the many times I made a similar call to *my* mom (thanks mom, BTW), and I, of course, fit the trip into our hectic morning.

I also had to rush out to buy a small treat to give out w/ Delaney's cards- I bought pencils for the other kids, but she begged me to get something more edible (and sweet), since they are allowed to give out candy. Unheard of in schools these days...

So, we managed to buy the contraband (aka - candy), but forgot to pick up the white frosting for our next task. Jake and I are making homemade heart sugar cookies to distribute to the neighbors, along w/ brownies cut into heart shapes. This would actually be a task I would enjoy except for the fact that I'm force-fitting it into my day, before I have to rush over to Jake and Emily's school to work at the birthday table- July birthdays (can't have them miss out on the fun of the birthday table, now can you??).

Last but not least, after leaving the birthday table, Jake and I are off to pick up Trey, and catch the end of his Valentine's Day party (since he is off/out of school for the next two days), and then back to Emily's school to pick her up from her science class. That leaves us exactly one & 1/2 hours to throw something into the crock pot, dig out soccer clothes (shoot, now I hope they're close to clean), before shoving the kids into possibly clean, but probably not clean soccer clothes and getting them out the door to soccer practice. (Somewhere in between all that I will also dig through Trey's Valentine's Day bag, and eat any and all dark chocolate I find, just because.) If I have an extra minute to spare, Jake and I will deliver the Valentine's treats to our neighbors because otherwise they will not last the night (my kids know how to sniff out cookies and brownies, and typically come home from soccer STARVING).

I should probably go check into the soccer clothes sitch, so I am not sending them out in smelly clothing later on today. Especially the socks-The carpool drivers will appreciate it, I'm sure!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

LVAS/EVAS families...Have any of you been asked to send your children to school with a helmet?

I was asked this question by our school nurse. She wondered whether based on the children's history, they should bring a helmet to school for P.E. and recess. No offense, but I would think *that* would make them feel a bit different??? So, I told her that we were willing to take a chance on losing further hearing (especially since when the kids are not in school, they are usually out on a soccer field). I think they are going to draft a waiver for us to sign.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this experience??? Darn liability!

Monday, February 9, 2009

My daughter got a kiss from a boy....

the only Kiss I'll ever (kind of) approve of- the chocolate variety. Of course, she claims this is from 'just a friend', but she was sure blushing an awful lot. And, she wouldn't even let me read the note that accompanied it. Can you believe that??? Kidding....kind of :) I guess it is that time of year, so I changed my blog colors to be as Valentinesy as I can, without looking like a bottle of Pepto spilled on my computer.

Jake and I spent the morning working on his Valentine's Day cards. He was funny- there is one little boy who is mean (according to Jake- we MUST remember the source), so he insisted he needed a Tinkerbell card, rather than the supercool Pokemon card. Thanks to me, that did not happen, but it was amusing to glimpse into the mind of a 6 year old boy.

We'll work on Emily's and Trey's later tonight, hopefully. It's always funny to see what kind of information you can undercover through the simple process of Valentine's Day cards.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hey! I'm sitting here watching the Grammys....

and thanks to my laptop I can multitask. This is pretty much my favorite of ALL the awards shows. I really just love music, and I hope my children love it- I am thankful they are able to hear it. I know my oldest hears it as it should be heard, since she tells me to stop singing since I'm SO off tune :) I am a firm believer that if a song needs to be sung, it should be sung (but maybe in a shower, or a car...w/ the windows rolled up).

Anyway- I better pop off to watch Allison Kraus and Robert Plant continue to roll their way through the awards.

By the way, so far 3 of Delaney's best buddies have the flu....what are the odds that she escapes it.....Please let it pass over us!

Friday, February 6, 2009

"Dont'cha wish your girlfriend was HOT like me"....

And yes, I'm pretty certain I misspelled "Dont'cha". This is the song my 6 year old BOY sang out loud the entire ride to his school. So not good! I blame Chicken Little (or was that the Spice Girls song), or my 12 year old daughter' iPod (I may go delete it now).

I tried to put a new song in his head prior to entering his classroom, but I'm not so sure it stuck. Forgive me Mrs. S, I tried.

On a sidenote- Impressive listening and repeating skills for a HOH child, yes? He really has only heard the song a couple of times. Now I just need to get him listening to more age appropriate music :)

It's Hard to Finish A Project....

when Trey turns my computer off while I'm working on an assignment. His new way of getting me to go play with him, is to sneak up behind me, as I'm working on the computer, and just hit the power button. Which, unfortunately causes me to lose a portion of the work I've done- not all (thank goodness for 'autosave'), but enough that it is a HUGE frustration. I also think it's probably not that good for the computer???

Anyway- last night it was because he wanted me to watch him play the Wii. Not play with him, mind you, just watch him while he plays. It's nice to be so loved, and if I thought he was being deprived of his ME time, than I'd adjust, but we do tons together. I have to be sneakier than he is now, and listen for the pitter patter of little feet.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Brain Just Might Explode...

The more I learn, the more I know, I know nothing- I'm sure some very smart person said that (in some way shape or form). I'm so torn at times. My heart lies in deaf education, but that is because my kids are deaf. That said, I've chosen to work towards special education in general. However, the special education teaching standards recommend choosing a specialization, and I understand Hard of Hearing/Deaf issues. I get that. I know that (the controversy, the pitfalls, the technology). But, I'm erring on the side of hirability (spelling is so so wrong...hireability?).

Will I develop the same passion for all kids with disabilities??? Yes, I'm sure of it. It is part of me, the empathy for 'differences', challenges. Am I more comfortable with HOH/deaf? Well, of course.

Anyway- total digression. My brain is going to explode because I am learning all about 'learning theories'. All of it, in a few hours (yes, probably not possible, but what the heck). I've decided to take lessons from the young boy who decided not to swear (and then he got death threats???? I just do not get that). Anyway- if a young boy can decide that, then so can I. And, just in case you thought I was swearing like a sailor, I wasn't. I had one word that was my go-to. Do I want my kids saying it??? NO! So, it is gone :) Yes, just like that...maybe, kind of. Yes, a total digression.

I'm Off to Help Out in Loser Boy's Classroom.....

Hopefully it will be uneventful- it typically is, although w/ Jake you just never know. That said, he's usually really, really good in class. Recess, and the bus ride, are sometimes a different story. The last time he got in trouble was during the middle of a week, where his teacher was at a workshop. He had his first substitute (not that I'm excusing his behavior), but I think he just does not deal that well with change. He also got in trouble the next day on the bus ride, for sticking his tongue out at other kids. Sigh.....

Now- does that explain the Loser incident? Nope....that was sheer boredom, I think.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What To Do About Jake....

So, last week, as I was waiting for the gas pump attendant to pump my gas (don't even ask, it's a Portland thing....), I heard a woman yelling from a distance. I was just sitting there getting my car gassed up, so I didn't bother looking up- until I heard it over and over again. We were in a semi-questionable area of town, so I still figured it was a crazyish person, but no. It was the woman in the car next to me. Gesturing for me to roll down my window, so I did. She proceeded to tell me that my son had been doing the "L" sign through the window at her. Yes, he was giving her the Loser sign. She was quite appalled, which maybe I would have been- if I didn't have a Jake. I got VERY angry with him, but that didn't seem to satisfy her. Sigh......What to do about Jake!

I just showed the new ad that appears on my blog, to Delaney....

It's about eyebrow hair loss remedies! Funny ;)

Monday, February 2, 2009

I Don't Know How My Kids Do It....

I'm finally being 'legal', and I'm using a bluetooth handsfree thing-a-ma-bob (yes, that's the technical term). I cannot stand having that little plug in my ear. How on earth do my kids do it??? It makes me feel sick- dizzy, etc. I am (and always have been) in awe of how accepting the kids are.

Happy February!

I honestly don't know what happened to January. It kind of vanished on me. We spent the weekend going to the kids' activities (as usual), and it was a bit calmer than normal, as Delaney had a weekend off. That said, Emily had a double header for Basketball, and I had to sign Jake up for Little League (and of course, being the last day for discounted sign-ups, the line was HUGE). I also decided my hair had suffered long enough, so it was off to the beauty salon for me (two hours without kids- I'm going to do that more often, and my hair looks so much better)!

We watched the Super Bowl yesterday, and considering I really had no interest in either team, it was one of the best NFL games I've seen in years. I was really hoping the Cardinals would pull it out, but just wasn't in the cards. Because my former career was in Advertising, I of course watched the ads, but was pretty disappointed this year. Advertising budgets definitely have gotten a bit smaller, I would say. Anyway- I'm now rambling about nothing, and I hae to go pick Trey up from school.