Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Brain Just Might Explode...

The more I learn, the more I know, I know nothing- I'm sure some very smart person said that (in some way shape or form). I'm so torn at times. My heart lies in deaf education, but that is because my kids are deaf. That said, I've chosen to work towards special education in general. However, the special education teaching standards recommend choosing a specialization, and I understand Hard of Hearing/Deaf issues. I get that. I know that (the controversy, the pitfalls, the technology). But, I'm erring on the side of hirability (spelling is so so wrong...hireability?).

Will I develop the same passion for all kids with disabilities??? Yes, I'm sure of it. It is part of me, the empathy for 'differences', challenges. Am I more comfortable with HOH/deaf? Well, of course.

Anyway- total digression. My brain is going to explode because I am learning all about 'learning theories'. All of it, in a few hours (yes, probably not possible, but what the heck). I've decided to take lessons from the young boy who decided not to swear (and then he got death threats???? I just do not get that). Anyway- if a young boy can decide that, then so can I. And, just in case you thought I was swearing like a sailor, I wasn't. I had one word that was my go-to. Do I want my kids saying it??? NO! So, it is gone :) Yes, just like that...maybe, kind of. Yes, a total digression.

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