Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This week has been all about Martha....

Martha Stewart that is. The 7th graders were asked to complete a "suitcase" biography project, where they select an influential or notable person to focus their project on. After much thought (and realization that many of her first choices were already gone), Delaney chose Martha Stewart. The students had to create a poster board, dress like their person, and compile 15-20 artifacts (complete with artifact catalogues), and would get the opportunity to "become" their person for a night, to present their projects to the parents. Last night was the big night. The school library was packed with several Oprahs, a couple of Mia Hamms, a Stephen Hawking, a multitude of Elvis impersonators-both male and female, some Beyonce's, one Princess Diana, and many others.

Delaney's friends were dressed as Lance Armstrong (and she was very cute....), Dolly Parton (who chickened out at the last minute on wearing the wig and the *larger* balloons, and of course Delaney, wearing an apron and holding a platter of brownies to use as a bribe, I mean a prop ;) The project was a lot of work for child (and MOM), but the night was fun. Now I just need to remember to save all the artifacts and poster board so that Emily can be Martha also in a few years- save us some work ;)

Now I have to go be Martha-like and clean the house, and do some dinner prep work. Today Delaney had a late-start day, and the other kids have early release, which leave no time for me to get anything done...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

It is Soccer Saturday (for at least two more weekends)...

and then Fall soccer is finished. We've made it through with only a few soggy Saturdays, which is great! Today is cold but not too wet, so we'll take it, and it's local (no 3 hour drive).

Jake is hugely improved but not going to soccer (no fever today :)

Here is a sneak preview of our morning

Friday, November 13, 2009

Pumpkin Patch w/ Trey's Class

Let's just recap the field trip by saying it was REALLY REALLY MUDDY! And wet....did I mention that it was wet? And muddy. And there were pumpkins- wet, muddy ones.

It was actually fun, just very cold!

Long lost pictures from our trip to California w/ Delaney's soccer team

Overdue Halloween Pictures

We had wonderful weather for Halloween this year. As usual- too much candy was collected by all (I'm still finding candy wrappers all over the house). Hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well!

You *Know* It's Been Too Long When You.....

have forgotten the password to your blog. Sad, sad, sad. New happenings: Jake no longer qualifies for an implant. What? What!, you say. Yes, his hearing has now fluctuated up again (not as good as it started, but good enough that he is hearing pretty darn well w/ his trusty hearing aids). Wackiness, but good wackiness.

I have finished my stint of studying English as a second language, and my final thoughts are "wow, are there a lot of similarities between ELLs (that would be English Language Learners ;), and my four children as they've learned to communicate." The struggles are similar in many ways.

What else is new. Well, I'm smack in the middle of 'helping' Delaney wrap up a huge English project on Martha Stewart. I'll have to let you know how "we" do.

Next post, a boat-load of pictures.

Oh yeah- Child #2 has the flu (meaning he's the second of the kids to get it, not that #2 has the flu, because that would be Emily, and so far she is holding out). Wish us luck, I'm so DONE w/ H1N1/Piggy flu.