Thursday, July 29, 2010

Quick Post: Seattle Tournament

O.K. I *do* have pictures of the other kids, but Trey is till so natural (maybe not clear from these pictures). He is still quick to grab my hand, quick to give hugs, etc. I realize due to my oldest child that this is fleeting (unless coerced). I hope to win them back, but for now I'll enjoy my "baby's" hand/hugs, etc.

Delaney, my oldest (13+) has moments of great maturity, which give me hope. She will spend days on end being just an amazing child, but then turns on me/us in a second. Those moments of awesomeness (is that even a word) give me such hope. She has hounded me non-stop about working with children in a hospital. Wants to do mission work...anywhere, at any time. She is such a bighearted, caring child, yet she is till a 13 year old girl. I see just glimmers of the wonderful young woman she will eventually be. Yet, it inspires me. EDIT: And then, after writing this post she has turned into the 13 year old alien that is *also* Delaney at times. The one who does not know when to stop talking....sigh. Gotta love it.

Friday, July 16, 2010

FYI- regarding the dog prank (see Delaney's post)-

I cringed for weeks anytime I saw our neighbors. Fortunately that was 4-5 years ago, and it seems to be forgotten (thank goodness). Their boys have become good friends of Jake's.

On a sad note, we've lost two hearing aids due to the carelessness of two boys, and a puppy. Yes, Milo has eaten two hearing aids. Well,they were not completely consumed for those of you worrying about the effect of the batteries on our puppy's tummy, but certainly no longer useable. They are now small twisted piles of plastic and metal. BUMMER! We had been warned, but our older dog never goes near any of the children's hearing equipment.

What else is new. I believe I should be nominated for Mother-of-the-Year after taking Emily, my 10 year old to the Justin Bieber concert the other night. Picture an entire sports arena filled with 8-12 year old girls shrieking. One of Emily's friends mothers had access to a suite, so Em and I, along with about 12 of her friends/acquaintances and their moms all attended. The look on all of their faces made it worth while, but I must admit I am still not a fan. I clearly do not have the Bieber-fever.

I'm off for now. I have to wash soccer clothes for tomorrow's soccer festivities!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Did Not Post Because My Hampster Ate My Computer ;)

So your probably wondering why I havent posted anything, just look at the title and you will understand!

Mother, you so have not won yet. Nice try! I do not find blogging hard at all. Hmm, Is kinda boring though.

Hello people of the world! I'm Delaney's best friend and you can call me Jordan! Me and Delaney go way back. Way back in the old ages when we were silly children! Well me and delaney together equal TROUBLE. So, One time me and delaney wanted to do pranks. So we thought it would be funny to put dog poop on someones front porch and were stupid enough to ring the door bell. Then we were very stupid to sprint back to the house. And what do you know, we got caught! Although now we are much smarter to put the dog poop in a garbage bag and hide in the bushes ;) HAHAHAHA JUST KIDDING.

Jordan and I will be making a post tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Btw ( This means By The Way). We had a great excuse, cut us some slack. :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Psst....Me again (Melissa, that is)-

I'd just like to point out that my wonderful daughter Delaney is already letting you all down on day 2 of her 'guest blogging' experiment. She is off at soccer practice, and then going to a sleepover w/ no post for today...I win! Blogging is hard work (or at least a habit that you have to get into).

I hate to say it but juggling four kids, and going back to school for my masters did not help my blogging abilities. I guess I thought I was better (more, just better) than I was but I'll admit it now. It has been hard juggling everything.

One class left (after this one that I'm halfway through).

It's just me and the boys here right now, and I'm watching my baby (Trey) using his sister's iPod (yes Delaney, I am taking it away in 10 seconds), sharing headphones with Milo. The dog seems thoroughly unimpressed with Adam Lambert ;)

He is covered in dirt (Trey, not Milo), barefoot, tan, and blond. I'd say he's having a great summer, boy-style. That said, a bath is probably a good idea at this point. We've been relying on swim lessons to accomplish this goal-LOL.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Aloha all. It's me Delaney.

I have this whole blog for a week. Arn't you guys lucky :)My mom claims that having a blog is a lot of work. I am proving her wrong.

I am gonna start of with sharing how our 4th of July went.

My mom and I :) Not many of these :)

Emily. Getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.



Jordan (My best friend) and I :)

Hope you all had a great 4th of July and were somewhat safe.

- Delaney

Because I am a highly ineffective blogger these days.....

I am turning my blog over to Delaney for an entire week. I figure this can go one of two ways. Either she loses everyone who looks at the blog ;), or she wins new viewers-LOL.

Have at it Delaney,