Wednesday, April 28, 2010

...On a Boat

but no flippy-floppies in sight (which makes no sense unless you've seen the SNL sketch). We recently traveled to Bainbridge Island for one of Delaney's state cup games. Beautiful place, but I did hear from a "local" that it can be rough living on an island- even if it is connected to land via ferry, and bridge. I don't know, it seemed pretty spectacular to me.

That said, it was a 3+ hour trip (one way) for a 85 minute soccer game. I had to sell it to the kids somehow, so I promised Trey, my sole tag-a-long a boat ride. Of course I also made him promise not to tell Jake (as he stayed home for baseball). First thing out of Trey's mouth...yep, you guessed it "we went on a big, big, boat). Of course, Jake later turned it into a "cruise"- if only!


My daughter tells me I'm a horrible blogger and I'm disappointing everyone (sorry mom, and Laura- my two loyal readers ;) Nothing new going on here. We're smack in the middle of soccer tryouts. One daughter made the team of her choice, although she was really worried, despite the fact that the coach is her FATHER! Emily is also the team's only goal keeper at this point, so I'm not sure why she was worried :)

Delaney has tryouts coming up in a week and a half. Keep your fingers crossed that she too makes the team of her choice (she doesn't have her dad coaching at this point).

Jake has been getting in trouble at school all week for being off task and silly. That pretty much sums Jake up- off task and silly! He is playing baseball and loving it. When his team is focused (when, being the key word) they are pretty good. That said they are no Diamondbacks. This team has 2-3 practices a week and there is NO goofing off. They are hardcore (for pee wee little league).

Trey is playing t-ball and also enjoying it- most of the time. Tonight I can already tell he's going to fight me on practice. It's rainy and cold. I might fight me on practice as well. He is turning 6 in the middle of May- my baby is getting old....

Milo is still peeing (in the house, that is). See, you haven't missed much ;)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Quick update...

As usual, trying to catch up on life! Rob has been home since last Friday (almost a week), and walked over a mile last night. Not too bad 13 days post heart surgery. I came home just in time for the kids' spring break (hence the lack of updates..we were on the go). I will post a real update w/ pictures shortly.