Wednesday, April 28, 2010

...On a Boat

but no flippy-floppies in sight (which makes no sense unless you've seen the SNL sketch). We recently traveled to Bainbridge Island for one of Delaney's state cup games. Beautiful place, but I did hear from a "local" that it can be rough living on an island- even if it is connected to land via ferry, and bridge. I don't know, it seemed pretty spectacular to me.

That said, it was a 3+ hour trip (one way) for a 85 minute soccer game. I had to sell it to the kids somehow, so I promised Trey, my sole tag-a-long a boat ride. Of course I also made him promise not to tell Jake (as he stayed home for baseball). First thing out of Trey's mouth...yep, you guessed it "we went on a big, big, boat). Of course, Jake later turned it into a "cruise"- if only!


Erika said...

maybe we will be neighbors someday - i dream DAILY of living on Orcas Island.... and I imagine it is rough (where can I find gluten free products!?) but ahhhh i hear you in that its just a magical, beautiful place. and half the magic is the ferry boat!!!

but next time wear the flippy floppies! :)

Anonymous said...

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