Monday, May 3, 2010

Life and Macaroni and Cheese (or more appropriately lasagna)

I am experimenting w/ homemade macaroni and cheese tonight. Why, you might ask. Because I am pretending I have some control over events by baking something from scratch. I remember way back when (September 26, 2008, not that I keep track ;), I left the gym to notice that I had several missed calls and messages. I quickly scanned them only to find that several were from my husband's boss....weird! I also (quickly) found out that my husband had collapsed due to sudden cardiac arrest and the outcome was unknown. I did not know what to do, how to proceed. This was not part of the plan. So I called the doctor who had been trying to reach me, then called my sister (to help w/ the kids), called my parents, and called Rob's family. Unsure what to relay, tried to sound like it would all be o.k. but was a wreck.

That's what family is for.....And, I have great family on both sides.

Rob survived, and emerged doing great. But, those meals that were delivered without request, and despite my protests carried me (and the kids, family) through. It seems that more and more we have friends, family, etc. that are in a similar position. At the time I did not realize that those meals probably helped the givers as much as they helped me. I felt guilty over lack of thank you notes.

But now, as I sit and watch another family struggle, the meal is really to make me feel better. One small way I can help, when really there is nothing I can do. What I can do is make sure that it is the best darn macaroni and cheese ever (breadcrumbs, a variety of cheeses, etc.)! And, I'll bring also bring Kraft (already prepared) because lord knows my kids hate mac n' cheese if it isn't bright orange.

Thinking of an amazing family as they embark on a huge journey.....If any of you have great casseroles/freezer meals I'm ready. I'm sure I'll be the bearer of many.


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