Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yes, I am a HUGE fan of cochlear implants....but

I have one hold-out. My oldest....She has never embraced her implant (which does not go over well amongst those of us who love them, and see no wrong). The main issue is her amazing hearing in her aided hear (which does not make sense when you see her audiogram...she should have marginal hearing from her dinosaur of a hearing aid, but no). She does so well. Long story short, that ear has quit on her (which we warned her about, due to our children's anatomy (LVAS....).

More to come tomorrow after many appts. I'm not sure whether to be thrilled (maybe she'll embrace her implant ), or sad, she's 13....change is bad :(


Val said...

Well, at least she already has a ci....yes, it sounds like she's gonna HAVE to use it now....definitely a change, but it will be fine...she'll get used to. Sorry to hear her favorite ear has quit on her. Will look for updates later. Good luck w/all your appts!

Jennifer said...

Oh no...I hate that she has lost her "good" ear. Honestly, though, she will probably hear better with two cochlear implants, if she chooses to get another one. Bimodal hearing doesn't work well for a lot of's better to have two hearing aids or two CIs than to have two different types of sounds. I hate that she is having to transition to this. Thank goodness it's summer and she doesn't have to sit in a classroom all day right now!

leah said...

That's a tough one- I hope Delaney adjusts to her implant as the dominant ear quickly. 13 is a tough age to deal with this kind of change- she's a strong kid, though, and she will adjust.

I hope your appointments go smoothly tomorrow!

tammy said...

I gotta say that with Aiden having EVA too, I've had many mixed emotions whether I wish he would've been born with some hearing and had more benefits from his aids before being implanted, but then again I am also glad there wasn't any gray area of whether he should be implanted or not. Good luck to Delaney! I can only imagine how it feels to lose that good ear.