Friday, May 30, 2008

Up to my eyeballs in cupcakes.....

Yummy! Although, right now I think I'm kind of cupcaked out. I just finished making 6 dozen cupcakes for the elementary school carnival. They are baked, and cooling in the kitchen- waiting for me to come down and frost/sprinkle them. Luckily for my waistline I have to drop them off this afternoon, so there will be no little cupcakes downstairs calling my name.

We have a Soccer Jamboree tomorrow (which involves four games Saturday, and two on Sunday (split between the girls), Jake's t-ball game and end of season pool party, and the school carnival in the late afternoon/evening. I'm not sure if we'll even make it, but I haven't broken that news to the girls yet.

In between all of these activities I will be taking pictures of everything to make Trey an 'Experience Journal' (A.K.A. photo album with words, and other visual cues to spark conversation). This is one of the new approaches I'm trying to see if we can jumpstart his language. I used to make them for the girls, and they really enjoyed them. So, long story short, I'm going back to some of the basics w/ Trey. He has made really slow progress in catching up with his hearing and non-hearing peers (6 months of development in the last year.....we should be seeing more). There are so many reasons for this lag (being the fourth child, being a boy, personality- VERY laidback, etc,), but we need to tackle each one and come up with a strategy that works for him. So- if you have any great AVT tools/language tools in your bag of tricks, SHARE :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

IEP Nirvana....

That's how I'm feeling right now (HA). I had Jake's IEP yesterday afternoon, and Trey's this morning. One was so good, he excelled his way out of services, and the other was so 'not good' my husband wants to start teaching ASL ASAP (how's that for some CAPS).

I talked him off the ledge, but due to brain overload, the recap will have to wait until the AM ( the caps)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

5th Grade Track Meet

Today my daughter competed in her first (and last???) track meet. The fifth graders from all five elementary schools compete in a track and field meet. Everyone had to participate in two field events, and two running events. Delaney chose the frisbee toss (rather than the discus), the running long jump, the 50 meter dash, and the 400 meter relay. I missed her frisbee toss, but she said she did well (come's a 'frisbee' toss-LOL), and I heard from a friend that she did well on her second long jump. The first she kind of forgot about the 'jump' part of the sport. She ran right through it (that's my girl!).

And then there were the running events. As a soccer player, D is actually pretty fast. But, maybe not so much of a sprinter (which requires some grace). She started off a tad late (due to not hearing the gun), but was gaining on the girl in first place (running to the sounds of her classmates chanting "De-lan-ey, De-lan-ey"). In the last 10 yards, as she was sprinting to tie the leader, she trips over someones foot, and goes down flat on her face on the track (dead silence in the stadium). Ouch! I'm not sure what hurt more- the scrapes on her knees and hands, or her bruised ego. Fortunately she was able to redeem herself w/ the 400 meter relay.

I managed to do something equally graceful, and took pictures for over 45 minutes, not realizing I had not inserted my memory card. Not a single picture to show for it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This Is How I Feel Right Now....

Only I'm not nearly so cute........but definitely THAT tired.

Good stories to come, involving new Tivo replacement, awesome warrantly expiration resolution, and many more riveting issues. O.K. Not so riveting :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

FM system and Soccer

Interesting note on wearing the FM system for a soccer tournament. They will not necessarily allow you do to this. I never, NEVER, considered that it might not be allowed. I had to walk up to each referee and show them the device, and explain what it is used for, as well as NOT used for (that it is not intended to allow the coach to call secret plays that only Delaney would hear). After talking to the first group of referees, and getting a lukewarm approval, Delaney found that it didn't work all that well, and was actually a bit distracting. I think she's gotten so used to hearing limited amounts on the field, that it was actually a bit overwhelming.

We will definitely try it again, maybe give her time to adjust to the noises, and see where to go from there. The referee that finally gave the o.k. made the comment "it's probably fine at U11 or U12, but with the older girls probably not". I guess they can't risk giving any advantage to a team??? I don't know- seems kind of silly to me, but then again, the coaches really should be giving most of the instruction during practice, and when a child is off the field prior to being out playing.

Happy Memorial Day

Home! So nice to be sleeping in our own beds :) We thought (briefly) about staying an extra night. But, after two nights in a hotel room with the kids, we decided being home just sounded so good. The girls did not make it out of pool play (for soccer), but they played really well, and lost 1-0 to the U11 (now U12) state champions. Not too shabby! And, more importantly (from a purely selfish perspective), Delaney played fantastic. We knew in looking at the bracket the girls wound up in, that they would most likely NOT advance, so no big deal.

The younger kids got lots of swim time, ate the ever famous 'elephant ear' (which is a fried batter, the size of their heads, covered in cinnamon and sugar- very healthy I'm sure), ran around in the grass for hours on end, and rode up and down the elevator in the hotel countless times. Fun. I'm sure the hotel staff were quite happy to see all the soccer teams vacate the premises.

Sunday however, Trey refused to get out of the chair at the soccer game- he was soooo lethargic and a bit warm. Yep- sick (but thankfully not a repeat of the mastoid infection from November's soccer touney). But, after throwing up and sleeping from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm, he rebounded nicely. Today he is fever free, and looking good.

I have fallen victim to the cottonwood tree. I am horribly allergic to cottonwood- I see those cottonlike pieces floating through the air, and I feel like crawling into bed and unfortunately it looked like it was snowing out at the soccer complex. So I am going to spend the day downing allergy medicine and doing laundry.

Enjoy the holiday all!

Friday, May 23, 2008

And, We're Off

Just dropped the dog off at the kennel (which was no small feat- she weighs close to 100 pounds, and refused to get out of the car), and now we're loading up.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Memorial Day weekend! Enjoy, and we'll be back Monday morning.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Deja Vu

Soccer Induced Mayhem:
Here I sit, on a Thursday, realizing how much I have to get done to get us on the road tomorrow for (come can guess), another soccer tournament. This time, however, I am hauling myself and the four kids up north *solo*. Rob had to work in Seattle anyway, so he flew and we're driving. You know you're jealous-LOL. Four kids in a vehicle, piled high w/ luggage. Fortunately the kids are out of school tomorrow, so we have some flexibility with when we leave, and I don't have to do quite as much running around. I have too many loads of laundry (but that's the norm), and have to get everyone packed (that's the hardest part- remembering the little things like the cochlear implant charger, and extra hearing aid batteries, soccer cleats and shin know, the necessities of life). We are putting the dog in a kennel so that we don't have a repeat of the carpet disaster. That was such a bummer to come home to.....
Trey's Hearing:
Yesterday the Director of Trey's school caught me, as I was rushing out of the Audiologist's office and asked if Trey was signed up for Summer School. I had to admit, that no, the plan was to take a few months off, but he told me he thought Trey really would benefit from it (guilt, guilt, guilt). So, now we are doing Summer School. It really is a good thing, but the driving just wears me out by the end of the school year. It will be a total of two hours of driving, for 3 hours of school. And, I will be bringing the other three with me every day, which means for 6 weeks of their summer they will not be able to sleep in. We'll have to see how it goes- it makes me tired just thinking of it. On a sidenote, Trey's school was advertised in the latest AG Bell magazine, and Emily's two friends from Kindergarten were in the picture- Very Cute!
Feeling Old:
Today Delaney has a 'Field Trip' to visit the Middle School she will be attending in September. How did that happen? When did she get old enough to attend Middle School???? She also has broken the 5'3" mark. I feel like I blinked and she went from being my little girl in pigtails, and became this tall, soccer playing fanatic, who refuses pigtails (I still sneak them in when I can, but she's gotten picky). She also informed me the other day that obviously I have no sense of style, because I do not truly appreciate her 'holey' jeans. Boy did that bring back memories of conversations w/ my mom, and the fact that she did not really appreciate my fantastic 80's sense of dressing. I should have listened to her, and spared myself all the horrible Jr. high pictures-LOL.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Goodbye Decibels.....We'll Miss You

Today when I picked Trey up from school, I ran into his Audiologist (who we LOVE). She mentioned that she had just finished adjusting Trey's hearing aid, and unfortunately it appears that his hearing in his aided ear, has taken another hit. But (and this is the *real* bummer), only in the higher frequencies. His 250 and 500 have actually improved a bit. So, he still doesn't qualify for a second implant, but his hearing is really pretty horrible. Kim (Audi.) was able to crank it up, and managed to get rid of the feedback (thank goodness- it was really squealing when I first put it on him). I just hope if he continues to tank in the higher frequencies that his low and mid-range frequencies adjust downward as well. I had a sneaking suspicion this was the case as he just didn't seem to be hearing well while playing in the water this weekend (without equipment on). But who needs a few decibals when they have a cool red sports car-LOL!

Pictures from the school play (as promised)

Presenting- Trey, the Squirrel. I wish I had a picture of the Corn Cob.....funny!

I thought the kids did a great job considering they were limited to using pillowcases or T-shirts.

Clear the roads- Trey is driving

Trey got a new Corvette for his 4th birthday- it was DEFINITELY a hit. Prior to this, he and Jake were sharing a bright pink Barbie Jeep. Jake has been negotiating a trade with Trey ever since.

He really loved driving Emily around....

it was all fun and games....

until he turned into Speed Racer...

In the future, he will** have his Cochlear Implant on while driving, so when we yell "Stop" he might actually do it. Then again, he might not- he has a leadfoot like his mom, LOL.

**He had been doing the Slip & Slide seconds before he and Emily jumped in the corvette and took off.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Beggars Can't Be Choosers

I know the old adage, and understand it- But, I'd love for it to NOT be 95/96 degrees today. It is just too hot (especially considering on Tuesday and Wednesday it was still pretty cool here. We were out all day yesterday in the heat, and we have another day of it today. 85? I'll take it and won't complain.

Emily has a soccer jamboree (a series of scrimmages) from 10:00-12:00, and Delaney has two scrimmages with teams that have traveled to play, from 12:00-3:00. There will be sunscreen all around today. And lots of water.....

And, what will Trey be doing today, on his *4th* birthday? Running around with all the other 'soccer siblings' in the sunshine. I can't think of what he'd enjoy more :) We'll be doing cake and presents later in the day, and he was given his big present yesterday. He got his first car- a bright red motorized race car that he can cruise around the cul-de-sac in. It's still charging so I don't have pix yet, but I'm sure I will later today.

We also now have a working FM system (w/ boots for all hearing aids, and the girls have the FM earhook for their cochlear implants), so I might have Delaney try using it today. She's playing again- calf muscle healed, and she claims she's at about 90%. We will see. This will be her first day of really testing it.

I'm off to bake a cake now. Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's Official: No More Babies

We had our soccer team 'garage sale', and I sold every stroller in the house (four total), a crib, a baby backpack, an Exersaucer type thingy (to be specific), a baby gate, and ALL the baby toys. It was very liberating-LOL. I am officially baby-free! Which is so appropriate, seeing as my baby turns four tomorrow. With the other three, there was a moment of pause....a moment to think 'really? Am I ready to move past the baby days?'. But, w/ Trey there is NO doubt in my mind. I'm ready to embrace what comes next. I am now 'BABY FREE'! ***

***But, I'll still hold yours for you. But only until they start to cry. Or ask for money.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Google ads....huh????

Sometimes the ads make perfect sense (hearing aid ads, school for the deaf/hoh ads, catching mice ads). But every once in awhile, you just have to wonder what you blogged about to wind up w/ the ad featured on your front page. For example, today's ad:

Your Pretty Mexican Bride ....
is waiting for you.

Not exactly sure *why* this is an ad on this blog, and more importantly who would actually click on this. Mail order brides just don't seem like a good idea for either party, but then again, what do I know.

The Annual School Play

My youngest son Trey's school holds a yearly Family night, where each class performs an original play (original begin the key word). Tonight is the night of this riveting performance. Trey is playing the part of a squirrel. I am not sure of the exact premise of the play, but there are a couple of squirrels, an alligator or two, and at least one corn cob (w/ a tub of butter). There is typically a princess and mermaid thrown in for good measure, but having not seen the script, I can make no guarantees. It will be interesting to see if Trey has a speaking part, or if he *speaks* his part. They made there own costumes out of adult t-shirts and pillowcases. I've seen them and they are WELL painted. I'll be sure to capture the moment in pictures-LOL.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

T-Ball Drama

Last night's t-ball game did not go so well. Let's just say Jake had a short game, due to a really bad attitude. I knew it was not going to go well before we even headed over- we had just finished up Kindergarten Round-Up (actually had to leave early, and he didn't get to do many of the activities due to his game), so he was just really not wanting to go. But, I talked to him about responsibility, and not missing games because if they don't have enough players they can't play, etc., which really all went in one ear and out the other, because he *is* only 5. He also, yet again, got passed over for the 'pitchers position' (which in t-ball, they don't pitch, but they get to touch the ball more than the other players, and Jake gets bored just standing around in the field), so long story short- he was CRANKY. Throwing his mit in the dirt, on the verge of tears- too tired.

We had a volunteer mom helping to get the kids lined up to bat, and I guess she and Jake had an altercation, in which my son informed her that "you are not the boss of me, I'm the boss of myself". Needless to say, this did not go over well, so I was called in. I pulled him to the side and told him that this was unacceptable behavior, and that we need to treat grownups with respect, blah blah blah. He agreed that he should apologize, so he walked up to the woman and apologized, somewhat begrudginly, and then a second time with sincerity, and the woman did not seem appeased. She kind of just blew his apology off, which really bothered me- he's FIVE. She immediately wanted to know what she should do next time he 'acts up'. They obviously were just not going to get along with one another.

So- long story short, I told her if he did something else I would come over and take him home. Not even 10 minutes later he and another boy were hitting each other, and she called me over to take him home. Huge drama- tears, tears, and more tears, but I dragged him out of the dugout (holding Trey by the other hand). I noticed that his Yankees hat was missing so I asked the woman if she had seen his hat, or would mind looking behind where she was standing, and she gave me the rudest, snippiest response. Now I see why Jake didn't care for her (not that I'm excusing his actions, but she was really somewhat abrasive, and all I was doing was trying to remove the problem child).

And so (sorry for the long story) we left, hatless, in tears, with our dignity left in the dugout.........Fun! Maybe it *is* o.k. to quit, just once.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Jake was so excited to sing his new song for me-
"Jingle Bells, Butt-man smells, Robin laid an egg".....Now, If I remember correctly, I think it is actually "Batman smells", but I must admit, Butt-man makes more sense. I tried explaining the whole concept to him, which is pretty thin anyway. He was very quick to inform me that I was definitely wrong, because his friend from school *told* him this was how the song goes. Sad day for mom when he trusts his 5 year old school mate over mom (who is a lot more than 5, to quote Jake).

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Beautiful Heart

That pretty much sums up my daughter's Cardiology appointment. She shows no signs of having any structural problems w/ her heart at this point, so she has been given the official go-ahead to play as hard as she would like. Of course we have to get her walking at this point, and not shuffling around due to her calf issue :)

One down, three more to get screened at some point.

More to come later. Right now I'm late to pick up and drop off kids at soccer.....good thing the coach is also Dad.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Does anyone else out there experience End Of Year madness? It seems like there is always a rush at the end of the year to cram in IEP meetings, eligibility meetings, field trips, and doctor's appointments, before school gets out for summer. That said, we actually don't get out until mid-June (and sometimes later depending on snow/ice make-up days). Anyway- I obviously need a better system for this time period, because I completely spaced Trey's eligibility meeting- I hate that! I'm sure they hated it as well. They were actually quite forgiving about the whole thing, and I managed to rush over there so we had about 15 minutes, and he IS of course eligible for special services.

The Ankle:
The reason for spacing it was Delaney's ankle appointment. Fortunately there is no major damage done- just a small strain (maybe a tear) to a portion of her calf muscle. 1-2 weeks to heal, since she's a young 'un (lucky girl!) They have her in a soft boot to help her walk a bit more normal, and hopefully she'll be able to ditch that by the end of the week. Although I think she's kind of liking it at the moment- conversation starter that it is ;)

The Heart:
She also has a Cardiology appointment tomorrow. This is a whole new area for me- I don't know much about heart issues, and hopefully Delaney will breeze through this appointment and I won't *have* to. There is a history of cardio. issues on my husband's side of the family, so it was recommended that the kids get screened between the age of 10 and 12. Seeing as Delaney is right in that window, and she is SO active, we decided now is as good a time as any. We had both girls screened when they were really young, mainly because Em was born with a small VSD (hole in her heart), so she needed to be monitored anyway. They both looked great, so no real reason to think anything has changed. But, I know little about cardiology, etc. Audiology? Got it covered-LOL.

On a total sidenote- since I've been sitting here typing away, the phone has rung no less than 6 times. My phone never rings that much. More interestingly- not one single call was for me........

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day To All The Moms Out There.....

I've been spending some quality time w/ the three youngest kids, while my husband and oldest are at soccer camp. They've already dumped eggs on the hardwood floors, fed a 2 pound block of cheese to the black lab, and told me how bored they are. Just a typical day here. I've managed to mark some items off my to-do list early: mopped the floors and vacummed the downstairs, packed up all the clothing Trey has grown out of (because he managed to take my somewhat neat 'pile' of clothes and scatter it all over the upstairs), and a couple of loads of laundry (due to the egg mess, and Trey's attempt to lick the blueberry muffin bowl).

The eggs and and cheese happened when I snuck away for 10 minutes to jump in the shower- Emily was 'in charge'. Not the wisest decision, but I felt like a shower was deserved this morning. And to top the morning off, Delaney managed to sprain her ankle while at soccer camp, so it looks like physical therapy is on the agenda for this week.

On a happy note, the newest cousin is doing really well! And, I'm soon leaving to go shopping with my sister. It will be LONG, well-deserved shopping trip. Sometimes a little break on Mother's Day is the best present of all.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Early Mother's Day Gift......

I don't think I've *ever* gotten one of the kids' special 'made just for me at school' gifts on Mother's Day. They typically hand them to me the second they walk in the door from school, or as they dash out of their preschool class, and sure enough, today was no exception. I drove to Trey's preschool, and waited outside the door to his classroom with all the other moms. The kids rushed out and proudly handed over their little bags and cards, as did Trey. He insisted that I peek, and nestled inside was a beautiful beaded bracelet, made with love. I decided that I would gladly wear it to my mom's activity tonight, but before I could even enjoy the idea of it, he snatched it back informing me that it wasn't for was his. As well as the hand-painted card. "Mine" he informed me, with a huge glare in my general direction.

So much for Mother's Day....

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm Back! Bet You Didn't Even Know I Was Gone-LOL

I have been going through major computer withdrawel due to a broken keyboard. My Mac keyboard finally gave out on me (thanks to two overly enthusiastic keyboard users named Jake and Trey). But, all is now fixed....

It's been kind of a crazy few days (although when are they not). I was asked to visit a friends' class (she's a Science teacher) and teach them about Cochlear Implants. I did this two years ago and the kids were really great- interested, asked a ton of questions. etc. I had Trey with me and he agreed (sort of :) to let the kids feel the spot on his head where the internal piece sticks out. They all LOVED that. This time I only had Jake with me, who wears hearing aids, so the kids had lots of questions about why he *only* has aids, and will he get an implant, etc. Yet again, they were a great class- very quiet, and one designated boy stood up, shook my hand and welcomed me to the classroom. Gotta love Catholic School! Anyway- it's always fun to help teach other kids in the community about CIs.


I'm always hesitant to share news from outside my little family, but at times there are things that happen that effect *our* family as well, and it's hard to not have them be a central concern. My SIL had her first baby last night but she had her 2 1/2 months early. She and the baby are doing well, but we'll be anxiously waiting to see how everyone does over the next week. I think she and her husband are in shock at the moment. Any spare thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated by all. She's had kind of a tough go of it, and this was completely unexpected. She will be celebrating her first Mother's Day under really stressful circumstances- I feel for them.

I've also been working with my sister, and a friend who has a fantastic JRA website, to spread the word on a race that will be run here in June, to benefit a group called CARRA. From their website ( :
"Arthritis and other rheumatic diseases affect an estimated 300,0000 children in the U.S. Many of these children live with chronic pain and take daily medication in the hope of controlling their illnesses. CARRA doctors are committed to ļ¬nding the cause and cure for rheumatic diseases in children."

My neice happens to be one of these children, so we are working with the local soccer clubs to motivate the teams to come out and run on behalf of all these kids who are not able to at this time. We're setting up a little friendly competition between clubs- it should be a lot of fun, and a great experience for the soccer kids to give back a little bit.

My kids are definitely hearing challenged (to put it mildly), but this does not keep them from doing anything, unlike the kids with mobility issues. It makes me very thankful for the health of my kids, and so grateful that we are able to have weekends like we just had, and watch our daughter excel at a sport that she loves. It has actually helped motivate Delaney- the fact that she has the ability to run, kick, and jump, whereas her cousin and other little children may not be so blessed.

It also reminds me that as I'm working with all of these great motivated JRA moms, I should get re-involved with our local hearing organizations. I did so much in Utah, but have yet to delve in too deeply here. We moved here and I had three children under the age of 8, with a baby due any day. I was trying to find resources, and then get the new baby (Trey) tested. We also then have had three implants, implanted over the course of 4 years, so to say it has been a whirlwind is an understatement. But, now it is time to get active again. Oh to have an extra 5-10 hours in a day.

Well, that's it on our end.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Weekend In Photos.....

What the other kids do during soccer tournaments:
Emily tends to be the Pied Piper for all the other siblings.

Jake training to be the next Beckham

Trey is totally enthralled w/ the corner flags. He threw his jacket over it and watched it pop up FOREVER. It was all good until he popped himself in the head.

The fun part- Delaney getting her much deserved trophy, along w/ the rest of the girls. They may not have won, but they still got to take home some 'Bling'.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Home Sweet Home

One of the best things about leaving your house for a trip (even a short one), is getting to come home. We had a great weekend when all was said and done. Saturday was cold, windy, and wet- we were out in the middle of a cow pasture, that they call a 'soccer field' trying to stay warm, watching the girls play for about four hours (2 games). The best part was getting to return to the hotel for pizza and HEAT.

The next day started at 6:00 am, as we had to pack and checkout prior to the 9:00 am game. The weather was perfect! And- the girls wound up making it to the semi-finals and then finals. They didn't win, but still came home with trophies.

Five soccer games later, lots of sunburn, and a 3 hour drive, we arrived at the house around 9:10 last night. Unfortunately, the dog had some issues in our absence. We typically have our neighbors help dog sit for a weekend trip. I'm not sure if we'll do that again. The upstairs carpet may never be the same. I don't know if it's an aging thing, but lets just say she obviously needed to have more bathroom breaks- ugh!

I went out and bought a brand new carpet cleaner (my old was was 6 years old and not even close to being capable of tackling the carpet). So, along with laundry I will be cleaning lots of carpet. Once this is done, I have some great pictures to share.

Friday, May 2, 2008

50 minutes until departure....

and only one of us is packed. Somehow I think we'll be delayed :)

I'll be back Sunday w/ lots of pictures....

Shorty got low......just who IS Shorty anyway?

Is it bad when your 5 year old wants to know why the "whole club was looking at her?", was it the "boots w/ the fur" that they were trying to see?....yes, my son insists that this song be played over and over again. He also wants to know who "Shorty" is. Sometimes I think he hears too well. I'm just glad he didn't ask why she "gave her big booty a slap"! My daughter got a CD from her Secret Pal, and this gem of a song was included. That said, it is easy to learn all the words, since they are repeated a million times. I was able to switch him over to Kids stuff on Sirius radio. I'm hoping this way he'll go to school singing something a bit more age-appropriate.

This is the same child who woke up, helped pack his stuff for the trip, and proceeded to get himself ready for school all by himself. Impressive! I will say it's not quite what I would have picked out for him, but I'm going with it. Picture a button up pin-striped dress shirt, buttoned incorrectly, nylon running pants, his navy blue and silver Sketchers, and a US Women's Soccer team earring pinned through the pocket of the shirt- for style. Yep, that's how he rolls. Picture to come later, because I'm sure my description didn't *really* do the outfit justice.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday 'no time to post' post

Not a whole lotta time today. I am in typical pre-trip scramble mode. Plus, it always seems that things pop up at the last minute that end up taking chunks of time out of your day. We have Trey's Speech Evaluation for our local school district, so that they can confirm that yes, in fact he IS speech delayed. That should be a quick one ;) And then Delaney woke up this morning telling me her ear is killing her- so badly in fact that it is hard to wear her hearing aid (this from the child that NEVER goes without her hearing aid). So, we also are cramming in a visit to our Pediatrician, and probably the pharmacy. I have to wash about 12 loads of laundry before we leave (well, maybe only 4 are essential), and finish cleaning the house so that my neighbor will think it *always* looks spotless :) She knows better, but it's always nice to come home to a clean house, isn't it?

Emily came down this morning covered in a rash, but I think it will be 'cured' with some Claritin (I hope???)

I HAVE to get my daugher registered for the Junior ODP (olympic dev. program) camp, so she doesn't hate me when it's too full and she can't go with the rest of her soccer team. The name cracks me up- like these programs are really designed to send the girls and boys off to the olympic soccer program. But, it's a good camp, and most of these girls will probably try out for the ODP team next year. I could write a whole slew of posts about the nuttiness that is youth soccer, but I'll spare you all. And, I'm sure it's similar to many other sports out there.

I also have to order the group dinner for the soccer team, which inevitably is a pain because this girl doesn't eat X, and this girl doesn't eat Y, etc. We're doing pizza and salad, which should be simple, but I know from experience it isn't. GIRLS! Boys will eat anything (once they are older). I then need to go to the soccer store near our house and (hopefully) pick up the newest team members warm-ups, and backpacks.

The kids all have soccer practice, and then tonight at 8:00 I have to go work at the t-ball snack shack. Yes, I know, I was kind of looking forward to it last time, but I just have to much to get done tonight. Plus I am definitely skipping the gym today, so staring at baskets of french fries, and nachos will just make me feel worse about that.

This was just the long way of saying,
I'll post tomorrow-LOL