Saturday, August 14, 2010

All boy, all the time....

that's been our house this week (w/ the exception of me and Maxine, our labrador retriever). When asked if they missed the girls, the boys LOUDLY responded, " they have to come home?". Now, that's brotherly love.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

We are home from vacation #1- which was centered around (yes, you guessed it) a soccer tournament!

We all had a fantastic time. Both girls' teams did really well, and I spent so much time shrieking, I mean cheering, the girls on, I'm hoarse. Of course that might have been the huge rollercoasters I was forced, I mean asked nicely, to go on. I've become so much less daring as I've gotten older.

Anyway- I have a full recap in the making and tons of pictures. The girls traveled to Southern Cali. to visit Rob's parents after the tournament, hence it is just the boys.  That is my excuse for why I haven't posted pictures or a recap. The girls actually help out a ton.....

They have had a great time getting spoiled by their grandparents, and get to do it all over again in less than two weeks (w/ my parents).

Summer- it's a good thing ;)

Monday, August 2, 2010

The unveiling (although not *on* Trey).....

It is the Phonak Naida (something, something, UP). His is clear so you can see all the inner workings, and it feels more substantial than the Widex p38.  Maybe that is just me trying to justify the investment. He has adapted to it immediately, but he is also just 6.  It is very awesome looking, now I just hope it works even better! I will say, the BRIGHT red ear mold that accompanies it kind of kills the supercool, high-tech look of it, but again....6.

Trey gets his new hearing aid today.....

I am so excited! The kids have had the Widex P38s so long, and they have been a great hearing aid (really powerful, which is great when it comes to fluctuating hearing). Jake has one P38 and one c19, or maybe even a c9.  Anyway, after the "Milo incident" in which the hearing aid(s) became a doggie treat, we needed to replace one, so Trey is the lucky winner. Jake's hearing is better, and he does well with his aids, so I gave him our last spare P38.  The new hearing aid is so much smaller....and a lot less clunky looking then the Widex aid. Now, let's just hope it works better as well!

If it does work better, we'll be replacing Delaney's P38 (that she has had since she was 3....not bad for a hearing aid, right?).  I was told to expect them to last 5-7 years. She's had hers for 10. Which is great as they were not cheap when we purchased them.  $4,000 for the pair.