Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer has gotten the best of me....

So, rather than feel guilty that I've been not posting, I think I'm going to take a two week official blogcation. I promise I'll be back, better than ever! Enjoy the sun :) We'll be back from California around August 13th, and I'll be back on w/ pictures and I'm sure tons of stories....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Emily and XXX, sitting in a tree-

K-I-F-F-I-N-G.....huh?? That is Jake's version of the old "sittin' in a tree" chant. Imagine his surprise when I told him it was KISSING, not Kiffing.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pictures from Snohomish.....

Delaney taking one for the team....

Emily between games.....

Trey enjoying some strawberries (his third basket of the day)

We made it back from our latest soccer adventure. Emily's team traveled up north of Seattle to an awesome town called Snohomish. I truly love this area, and the weather was fabulous one day, and horrid the next. The final day was rainy, 58 degrees, thunder and lightning, etc. But the girls won (actually they won every game by quite a bit, so maybe not quite competitive enough, but we all had a lot of fun).

Monday, July 6, 2009

Kindergarten Graduation Pictures

The Day in Pictures.....

Jake, checking to make sure we are in attendance.

Telling a Class Story

Leaping into First Grade.

The Aftermath of the Leap

Jake and the Future Kindergartner, Trey

Thank You Mrs. S For a Great Year!

Now onto first grade. I hope the school survives :)

So Much to Write About, So Little of Importance....

I started this blog to talk about my children and the issues we experience together as a family due to their hearing loss, but lately we've been really pretty much issue free. Or it's that the things that used to seem like issues, are just an everyday part of *our* life, so they don't seem blog-worthy.

We still experience new things: Like, how to send Emily to the river with our new neighbor and safely protect her implant. Short-term solution- leave it in their car while they enjoy the water. But, is there a better solution? Sidenote- I'm sure they just loved that experience. Taking a little girl they don't know all that well to the river, and have her not be able to hear for most of the time...fortunately, the two girls had a great time.

And, how to keep an implant and hearing aid dry while at a water park, or on a head while upside down on a roller coaster???

Anyway- I'm sure the issues will crop up again, especially once school picks back up, but you'll have to wade through my normal everyday life stories in the meantime. It's really nice to be issue-free for awhile.

Friday, July 3, 2009

A sunburn to go over my sunburn....

I'm cheating and adding pictures w/ red white and blue in them to make my blog more festive.

Are you feeling the patriotism??? I'll try to *really* change the look later....
I finally started fading from the soccer tournament last weekend, and a quick trip to the pool killed me. I'm red on top of my red. But it was fun, and the kids all had a fantastic time! Now we're off to purchase some fireworks (there's nothing quite like our local fireworks anywhere else I've ever lived....it's crazy), and then we'll try to hold the kids off until tomorrow.

Happy Early 4th of July everyone!