Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hello, hello, hello

Talk about MIA. School has only been out for a week, but it seems as though it's been a month.

Nothing new here....just lottsa socca' (yes, my pathetic attempt at rhyming....not so funny). Both girls played in their first tournaments of the season, and both came in 1st. Great weekend for everyone! (yes, missing a picture of Jake, but he was there also ;)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jake just Graduated from Kindergarten....

Pictures to come (I promise....). Plus we've been so busy with life, so I have lots of updates, but you'll have to bear with me for the next few days. And then we'll be back :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Help, I'm Drowning....

in a sea of end of school year activities, and final papers for my DARN classes. I literally feel like I'm in a race and I stand no chance of catching up. Anyway- I will be back, hopefully tomorrow....or the next day, or the next ;) No really. I'll be back. Trey's been home since last Tuesday, and I think he's talking SO WELL! It's about time :) And, more importantly we have lost no additional equipment....yet.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Never Forget A Friend....

It was so fun to watch the girls reconnect w/ their very first best friends this past weekend. I do not yet have the pictures of Delaney with Bryce, but I have lots of Em with Ashton. They were shy for literally a minute, and then were best friends yet again.

Wordless Wednesday (pictures from our trip)

Monday, June 8, 2009

We Made It!

23 hours of driving (between the two trips) for two days of "vacation". Very tiring, but we did manage to have some fun. I will have pictures and updates up soon. A few issues involving the crappy CI battery chargers we got with the last three implants (I only brought one, and unbeknownst to me it only had one working charge slot????). We had to 'share' between the implants- ugh. Anyway. More to come, just tired right now!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh Yeah....

Forgot our big news:
We have a new family member. Drumroll please......

Emily conned me into adopting her class science project, a crayfish, now named Addie. Sorry Addison, cute little niece of mine. Your name has been borrowed for a rather aggressive crayfish (crawfish, crawdad). We're not even *that* sure it's a girl, but I'm certainly not checking, although Emily did ask. I'm a nice mom but not THAT nice. Hopefully Addie makes it through the weekend- she/he will be in good hands- Addie #1 and Connor will be crawfish sittin' for Emily.

We're Heading Back to Our Former "Home"

Just for the weekend (for a soccer tournament). We left California for Utah, and thought it was going to be two years. It turned into eight, and while I really missed certain aspects of the West Coast, I found the weather to be FANTASTIC, and the people to be so welcoming. That said, once the Pacific Northwest was dangled in front of us, we jumped ship. We have had no opportunities to go back. Until now. Thank goodness Delaney made the ODP team. It is the perfect chance to go back and see those that we left behind (dwindling numbers that they are). I found that many 'transplants' in Utah did not necessarily stay for the long haul, but we do have a small group that are still there and loving it.

I'm sure I will return with loads of pictures of the girls and their distant BFFs, and lots of soccer pictures, and hopefully no stories of missing implants/hearing aids, etc. Keep your fingers crossed for us :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm So Glad to be Back....(Not that I Went Anywhere, Necessarily)

but I definitely have not been "here". My in-laws came to visit, and we dragged them to a grand total of seven soccer games, one t-ball game, and Trey's birthday party. In addition, Rob and/or I went to an end of year soccer party, and a more professional level soccer game. These numbers do not include the two additional pre-tournament scrimmages on Wednesday and Thursday.

My in-laws survived the weekend, sunburn and all. We put them on the airplane home last night at 7:00 pm and I'm sure they went straight home to bed.

I cranked out my reading journal, and a paper on "Educating Special Needs Children" today, so that I could be caught up and ready to tackle this week's work.

Again- It's SO NICE to be back (and caught up on life.....for now)