Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We're Heading Back to Our Former "Home"

Just for the weekend (for a soccer tournament). We left California for Utah, and thought it was going to be two years. It turned into eight, and while I really missed certain aspects of the West Coast, I found the weather to be FANTASTIC, and the people to be so welcoming. That said, once the Pacific Northwest was dangled in front of us, we jumped ship. We have had no opportunities to go back. Until now. Thank goodness Delaney made the ODP team. It is the perfect chance to go back and see those that we left behind (dwindling numbers that they are). I found that many 'transplants' in Utah did not necessarily stay for the long haul, but we do have a small group that are still there and loving it.

I'm sure I will return with loads of pictures of the girls and their distant BFFs, and lots of soccer pictures, and hopefully no stories of missing implants/hearing aids, etc. Keep your fingers crossed for us :)

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