Thursday, May 22, 2008

Deja Vu

Soccer Induced Mayhem:
Here I sit, on a Thursday, realizing how much I have to get done to get us on the road tomorrow for (come can guess), another soccer tournament. This time, however, I am hauling myself and the four kids up north *solo*. Rob had to work in Seattle anyway, so he flew and we're driving. You know you're jealous-LOL. Four kids in a vehicle, piled high w/ luggage. Fortunately the kids are out of school tomorrow, so we have some flexibility with when we leave, and I don't have to do quite as much running around. I have too many loads of laundry (but that's the norm), and have to get everyone packed (that's the hardest part- remembering the little things like the cochlear implant charger, and extra hearing aid batteries, soccer cleats and shin know, the necessities of life). We are putting the dog in a kennel so that we don't have a repeat of the carpet disaster. That was such a bummer to come home to.....
Trey's Hearing:
Yesterday the Director of Trey's school caught me, as I was rushing out of the Audiologist's office and asked if Trey was signed up for Summer School. I had to admit, that no, the plan was to take a few months off, but he told me he thought Trey really would benefit from it (guilt, guilt, guilt). So, now we are doing Summer School. It really is a good thing, but the driving just wears me out by the end of the school year. It will be a total of two hours of driving, for 3 hours of school. And, I will be bringing the other three with me every day, which means for 6 weeks of their summer they will not be able to sleep in. We'll have to see how it goes- it makes me tired just thinking of it. On a sidenote, Trey's school was advertised in the latest AG Bell magazine, and Emily's two friends from Kindergarten were in the picture- Very Cute!
Feeling Old:
Today Delaney has a 'Field Trip' to visit the Middle School she will be attending in September. How did that happen? When did she get old enough to attend Middle School???? She also has broken the 5'3" mark. I feel like I blinked and she went from being my little girl in pigtails, and became this tall, soccer playing fanatic, who refuses pigtails (I still sneak them in when I can, but she's gotten picky). She also informed me the other day that obviously I have no sense of style, because I do not truly appreciate her 'holey' jeans. Boy did that bring back memories of conversations w/ my mom, and the fact that she did not really appreciate my fantastic 80's sense of dressing. I should have listened to her, and spared myself all the horrible Jr. high pictures-LOL.

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