Friday, May 30, 2008

Up to my eyeballs in cupcakes.....

Yummy! Although, right now I think I'm kind of cupcaked out. I just finished making 6 dozen cupcakes for the elementary school carnival. They are baked, and cooling in the kitchen- waiting for me to come down and frost/sprinkle them. Luckily for my waistline I have to drop them off this afternoon, so there will be no little cupcakes downstairs calling my name.

We have a Soccer Jamboree tomorrow (which involves four games Saturday, and two on Sunday (split between the girls), Jake's t-ball game and end of season pool party, and the school carnival in the late afternoon/evening. I'm not sure if we'll even make it, but I haven't broken that news to the girls yet.

In between all of these activities I will be taking pictures of everything to make Trey an 'Experience Journal' (A.K.A. photo album with words, and other visual cues to spark conversation). This is one of the new approaches I'm trying to see if we can jumpstart his language. I used to make them for the girls, and they really enjoyed them. So, long story short, I'm going back to some of the basics w/ Trey. He has made really slow progress in catching up with his hearing and non-hearing peers (6 months of development in the last year.....we should be seeing more). There are so many reasons for this lag (being the fourth child, being a boy, personality- VERY laidback, etc,), but we need to tackle each one and come up with a strategy that works for him. So- if you have any great AVT tools/language tools in your bag of tricks, SHARE :)


Val said...

Oh you shouldn't have asked:
I would first send him on all the verbal errands. "ask you dad what time it is and then come back and tell me"..."tell Delaney to give you her pink shorts and white shirt so I can wash them (whether you do or don't ) "go ask dad for two quarters and three pennies"...get him to make out your, fast food, ingredients, etc. I'll stop for now since I have no clue where he is developmentally.
One more, give him multi-step instructions if he's capable...(sequencing) wash your hands, dry them with the blue towel and get your drink...getting him to add lib a little more while reading books..."why do you think he did that? what do you think happens next?" okay, I'm done

Loudest Mom said...

Great ideas! I like the verbal errands- I could get a lot of work done- LOL :) I think we have to start expecting more of him. He's four now, and we need to push him a bit more. That said he's functioning at the 22-24 month level- I can barely get him to look at a book for more than 10 minutes, much less answer questions- but no time like the present to get over that hurdle :)

Val said...

at that age he's not gonna make out a grocery list either. But maybe he wants to be the him a chance to verbalize and be INDEPENDENT! Brook would teach me...she "read" the books sometimes, after I did speech babble w/her, it was her turn to tell me what to say (bahbee, or whatever)...I would think the verbal commands would work though, "tell dad I need a penny and quarter" and see what he comes back with. Have an understanding w/you husband that you are working on his "retelling" events. My husband and I used to make up random nothings just see if they could retell what we said. You can double check behind his back