Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday 'no time to post' post

Not a whole lotta time today. I am in typical pre-trip scramble mode. Plus, it always seems that things pop up at the last minute that end up taking chunks of time out of your day. We have Trey's Speech Evaluation for our local school district, so that they can confirm that yes, in fact he IS speech delayed. That should be a quick one ;) And then Delaney woke up this morning telling me her ear is killing her- so badly in fact that it is hard to wear her hearing aid (this from the child that NEVER goes without her hearing aid). So, we also are cramming in a visit to our Pediatrician, and probably the pharmacy. I have to wash about 12 loads of laundry before we leave (well, maybe only 4 are essential), and finish cleaning the house so that my neighbor will think it *always* looks spotless :) She knows better, but it's always nice to come home to a clean house, isn't it?

Emily came down this morning covered in a rash, but I think it will be 'cured' with some Claritin (I hope???)

I HAVE to get my daugher registered for the Junior ODP (olympic dev. program) camp, so she doesn't hate me when it's too full and she can't go with the rest of her soccer team. The name cracks me up- like these programs are really designed to send the girls and boys off to the olympic soccer program. But, it's a good camp, and most of these girls will probably try out for the ODP team next year. I could write a whole slew of posts about the nuttiness that is youth soccer, but I'll spare you all. And, I'm sure it's similar to many other sports out there.

I also have to order the group dinner for the soccer team, which inevitably is a pain because this girl doesn't eat X, and this girl doesn't eat Y, etc. We're doing pizza and salad, which should be simple, but I know from experience it isn't. GIRLS! Boys will eat anything (once they are older). I then need to go to the soccer store near our house and (hopefully) pick up the newest team members warm-ups, and backpacks.

The kids all have soccer practice, and then tonight at 8:00 I have to go work at the t-ball snack shack. Yes, I know, I was kind of looking forward to it last time, but I just have to much to get done tonight. Plus I am definitely skipping the gym today, so staring at baskets of french fries, and nachos will just make me feel worse about that.

This was just the long way of saying,
I'll post tomorrow-LOL


Val said...

Girl, I got my new washer/dryer. The washer is so HUGE on the inside (Whirlpool Cabrio) and I could even skip a day now. Also the dryer is soooo quiet (actually both are) that we could barely tell it was on...such an improvement for us!! I was having to have all the clothes washed and dryed by the time the kids got up, so they could hear over THE RACKET!! Also, my daughter (4) thinks laundry is fun. She could almost fold them all herself. See, if you start young, they'll grow thinking housework is fun for all, and they'll help!!(ha, won't be long til she figures me out)

Loudest Mom said...

I'm jealous now.......about both your new washer and dryer and the fact that you have wisely convinced your daughter that laundry is fun :) Do you think 11 is too old to start brainwashing?

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