Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's Official: No More Babies

We had our soccer team 'garage sale', and I sold every stroller in the house (four total), a crib, a baby backpack, an Exersaucer type thingy (to be specific), a baby gate, and ALL the baby toys. It was very liberating-LOL. I am officially baby-free! Which is so appropriate, seeing as my baby turns four tomorrow. With the other three, there was a moment of pause....a moment to think 'really? Am I ready to move past the baby days?'. But, w/ Trey there is NO doubt in my mind. I'm ready to embrace what comes next. I am now 'BABY FREE'! ***

***But, I'll still hold yours for you. But only until they start to cry. Or ask for money.


Val said...

haha, this cracked me up! I had to let my mother and everybody read it. I'm right there w/you!!

Jennifer said...

AMEN! There is not a single baby item in this house...and it's SOOOOO NIIIIICE! I loved by babies passionately...and am so glad that's over...all at the same time! :)
I held a baby yesterday, and he got fussy, and I passed him back to his mama...not my problem. "Liberating" is the perfect word for that!

Laurie said...

You are funny! This post brought back some memories. . .the month I got rid of all my baby things and maternity clothes in 1988, I also got pregnant with our last child. . .so be careful!

Loudest Mom said...

We did that too (after Jake- Baby #3). We really had nothing but the crib left-LOL. This time I think we've got it covered (we BETTER have it covered)!