Wednesday, May 28, 2008

5th Grade Track Meet

Today my daughter competed in her first (and last???) track meet. The fifth graders from all five elementary schools compete in a track and field meet. Everyone had to participate in two field events, and two running events. Delaney chose the frisbee toss (rather than the discus), the running long jump, the 50 meter dash, and the 400 meter relay. I missed her frisbee toss, but she said she did well (come's a 'frisbee' toss-LOL), and I heard from a friend that she did well on her second long jump. The first she kind of forgot about the 'jump' part of the sport. She ran right through it (that's my girl!).

And then there were the running events. As a soccer player, D is actually pretty fast. But, maybe not so much of a sprinter (which requires some grace). She started off a tad late (due to not hearing the gun), but was gaining on the girl in first place (running to the sounds of her classmates chanting "De-lan-ey, De-lan-ey"). In the last 10 yards, as she was sprinting to tie the leader, she trips over someones foot, and goes down flat on her face on the track (dead silence in the stadium). Ouch! I'm not sure what hurt more- the scrapes on her knees and hands, or her bruised ego. Fortunately she was able to redeem herself w/ the 400 meter relay.

I managed to do something equally graceful, and took pictures for over 45 minutes, not realizing I had not inserted my memory card. Not a single picture to show for it.


Anonymous said...
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Val said...

Oh, I love it...(the camera part, not Delaney's little trip). Does your camera not have a built in memory? My camera will actually hold like eight or nine pictures w/out a card. It would be nice if you found out they were hiding inside your camera somewhere.

Loudest Mom said...


I think it does, but I've never 'tested' it :) I need to see if maybe I managed to save some. I was so mad!