Monday, May 12, 2008


Does anyone else out there experience End Of Year madness? It seems like there is always a rush at the end of the year to cram in IEP meetings, eligibility meetings, field trips, and doctor's appointments, before school gets out for summer. That said, we actually don't get out until mid-June (and sometimes later depending on snow/ice make-up days). Anyway- I obviously need a better system for this time period, because I completely spaced Trey's eligibility meeting- I hate that! I'm sure they hated it as well. They were actually quite forgiving about the whole thing, and I managed to rush over there so we had about 15 minutes, and he IS of course eligible for special services.

The Ankle:
The reason for spacing it was Delaney's ankle appointment. Fortunately there is no major damage done- just a small strain (maybe a tear) to a portion of her calf muscle. 1-2 weeks to heal, since she's a young 'un (lucky girl!) They have her in a soft boot to help her walk a bit more normal, and hopefully she'll be able to ditch that by the end of the week. Although I think she's kind of liking it at the moment- conversation starter that it is ;)

The Heart:
She also has a Cardiology appointment tomorrow. This is a whole new area for me- I don't know much about heart issues, and hopefully Delaney will breeze through this appointment and I won't *have* to. There is a history of cardio. issues on my husband's side of the family, so it was recommended that the kids get screened between the age of 10 and 12. Seeing as Delaney is right in that window, and she is SO active, we decided now is as good a time as any. We had both girls screened when they were really young, mainly because Em was born with a small VSD (hole in her heart), so she needed to be monitored anyway. They both looked great, so no real reason to think anything has changed. But, I know little about cardiology, etc. Audiology? Got it covered-LOL.

On a total sidenote- since I've been sitting here typing away, the phone has rung no less than 6 times. My phone never rings that much. More interestingly- not one single call was for me........


leahlefler said...

Ugh- tell me about it! I have Nolan's IFSP meeting, a booth test, and an ENT appointment within the next 7 days. Luckily Matt's IFSP meeting is spaced 2 months after Nolan's! This makes me grateful I only have two kids, lol!

Loudest Mom said...

I know the teachers feel the same way around this time of year. I think it's really to make everyone fully appreciate summer break :)