Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day To All The Moms Out There.....

I've been spending some quality time w/ the three youngest kids, while my husband and oldest are at soccer camp. They've already dumped eggs on the hardwood floors, fed a 2 pound block of cheese to the black lab, and told me how bored they are. Just a typical day here. I've managed to mark some items off my to-do list early: mopped the floors and vacummed the downstairs, packed up all the clothing Trey has grown out of (because he managed to take my somewhat neat 'pile' of clothes and scatter it all over the upstairs), and a couple of loads of laundry (due to the egg mess, and Trey's attempt to lick the blueberry muffin bowl).

The eggs and and cheese happened when I snuck away for 10 minutes to jump in the shower- Emily was 'in charge'. Not the wisest decision, but I felt like a shower was deserved this morning. And to top the morning off, Delaney managed to sprain her ankle while at soccer camp, so it looks like physical therapy is on the agenda for this week.

On a happy note, the newest cousin is doing really well! And, I'm soon leaving to go shopping with my sister. It will be LONG, well-deserved shopping trip. Sometimes a little break on Mother's Day is the best present of all.


Laurie said...

You will laugh at this day when you look back. Happy Mother's Day!

Loudest Mom said...

You're right :) I'm sure once they are all doing their own thing I'll want them back, feeding the dog cheese, etc. - LOL