Friday, May 2, 2008

Shorty got low......just who IS Shorty anyway?

Is it bad when your 5 year old wants to know why the "whole club was looking at her?", was it the "boots w/ the fur" that they were trying to see?....yes, my son insists that this song be played over and over again. He also wants to know who "Shorty" is. Sometimes I think he hears too well. I'm just glad he didn't ask why she "gave her big booty a slap"! My daughter got a CD from her Secret Pal, and this gem of a song was included. That said, it is easy to learn all the words, since they are repeated a million times. I was able to switch him over to Kids stuff on Sirius radio. I'm hoping this way he'll go to school singing something a bit more age-appropriate.

This is the same child who woke up, helped pack his stuff for the trip, and proceeded to get himself ready for school all by himself. Impressive! I will say it's not quite what I would have picked out for him, but I'm going with it. Picture a button up pin-striped dress shirt, buttoned incorrectly, nylon running pants, his navy blue and silver Sketchers, and a US Women's Soccer team earring pinned through the pocket of the shirt- for style. Yep, that's how he rolls. Picture to come later, because I'm sure my description didn't *really* do the outfit justice.

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Val said...

Oh, how funny. This song is a favorite at the Blakely home as well! Brook has the "Low,low,low,low,low,low,low" down pat!