Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Home! So nice to be sleeping in our own beds :) We thought (briefly) about staying an extra night. But, after two nights in a hotel room with the kids, we decided being home just sounded so good. The girls did not make it out of pool play (for soccer), but they played really well, and lost 1-0 to the U11 (now U12) state champions. Not too shabby! And, more importantly (from a purely selfish perspective), Delaney played fantastic. We knew in looking at the bracket the girls wound up in, that they would most likely NOT advance, so no big deal.

The younger kids got lots of swim time, ate the ever famous 'elephant ear' (which is a fried batter, the size of their heads, covered in cinnamon and sugar- very healthy I'm sure), ran around in the grass for hours on end, and rode up and down the elevator in the hotel countless times. Fun. I'm sure the hotel staff were quite happy to see all the soccer teams vacate the premises.

Sunday however, Trey refused to get out of the chair at the soccer game- he was soooo lethargic and a bit warm. Yep- sick (but thankfully not a repeat of the mastoid infection from November's soccer touney). But, after throwing up and sleeping from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm, he rebounded nicely. Today he is fever free, and looking good.

I have fallen victim to the cottonwood tree. I am horribly allergic to cottonwood- I see those cottonlike pieces floating through the air, and I feel like crawling into bed and unfortunately it looked like it was snowing out at the soccer complex. So I am going to spend the day downing allergy medicine and doing laundry.

Enjoy the holiday all!

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