Friday, July 16, 2010

FYI- regarding the dog prank (see Delaney's post)-

I cringed for weeks anytime I saw our neighbors. Fortunately that was 4-5 years ago, and it seems to be forgotten (thank goodness). Their boys have become good friends of Jake's.

On a sad note, we've lost two hearing aids due to the carelessness of two boys, and a puppy. Yes, Milo has eaten two hearing aids. Well,they were not completely consumed for those of you worrying about the effect of the batteries on our puppy's tummy, but certainly no longer useable. They are now small twisted piles of plastic and metal. BUMMER! We had been warned, but our older dog never goes near any of the children's hearing equipment.

What else is new. I believe I should be nominated for Mother-of-the-Year after taking Emily, my 10 year old to the Justin Bieber concert the other night. Picture an entire sports arena filled with 8-12 year old girls shrieking. One of Emily's friends mothers had access to a suite, so Em and I, along with about 12 of her friends/acquaintances and their moms all attended. The look on all of their faces made it worth while, but I must admit I am still not a fan. I clearly do not have the Bieber-fever.

I'm off for now. I have to wash soccer clothes for tomorrow's soccer festivities!

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