Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy February!

I honestly don't know what happened to January. It kind of vanished on me. We spent the weekend going to the kids' activities (as usual), and it was a bit calmer than normal, as Delaney had a weekend off. That said, Emily had a double header for Basketball, and I had to sign Jake up for Little League (and of course, being the last day for discounted sign-ups, the line was HUGE). I also decided my hair had suffered long enough, so it was off to the beauty salon for me (two hours without kids- I'm going to do that more often, and my hair looks so much better)!

We watched the Super Bowl yesterday, and considering I really had no interest in either team, it was one of the best NFL games I've seen in years. I was really hoping the Cardinals would pull it out, but just wasn't in the cards. Because my former career was in Advertising, I of course watched the ads, but was pretty disappointed this year. Advertising budgets definitely have gotten a bit smaller, I would say. Anyway- I'm now rambling about nothing, and I hae to go pick Trey up from school.

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