Thursday, January 29, 2009

We got a Wii Fit yesterday....

basically because they had them in stock. I was hoping to have gotten one over Christmas for the 'family' (or just me....), but there were none to be found. But, I stumbled across one yesterday. Jake is downstairs skiing right now (isn't the virtual world great? And, a little bizarre). I figure if he can ski, and be happy in our game room, it's certainly a huge bargain (no ski rental, lift tickets, etc.) Not to mention the hospital bills, since I'm sure the boys would ultimately choose snowboarding, and I have many a friend who wound up in a cast after learning how to snowboard. That said, at some point we will probably journey up the mountain and *really* let them ski and/or snowboard.

The hula hoop game is fun as well, and quite the workout (although only about 3 minutes long. I think I unlocked the 6 minute option, but frankly I was ready to stop after 3 minutes yesterday.) More to come later (after I finish my homework and get a chance to play :)

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