Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas music will be going away

in the next day or so. For some reason, the holiday went by WAY too fast this year, so I guess I'm just not tired of it yet. But, I know you all probably are. So, my promise to you is no more Christmas/holiday music as of tomorrow.

I'm assuming at this point I did not get the job I interviewed for, but truly I feel nothing but relief. I was so angst-ridden over it- the fact that Jake would have to change schools, and I was so worried about time management (w/ starting school, etc.). I'm just going to tell myself that all of this came through in the interview (but part of me still feels very rejected-LOL). I really do think on some level I may have sabotaged myself, and that is o.k. I remember blurting out that I was starting a masters program in January, so that I could teach, and I just though, "now why did I tell them that....they are looking for someone who can develop this outstanding program and run with it". But, whatever the reason I think it is for the best :)


leahlefler said...

Christmas did go by too fast this year! Some jobs are meant to be, and some aren't! When our company in California was going out of business, we tried getting jobs at another company. We ended up in Ireland instead, and it was the better decision because the other company went out of business about six months after the first one! So things really do work out for the best, lol.

Loudest Mom said...

You're so right....and who can beat Ireland anyway, right ??? Fun!