Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More snow (really not the thrilling event that it once was)

We have had more snow this year, than we've EVER had (at least in the time I've been here). It's to the point where I'm just snowed out. They did not cancel school this morning, and I was able to drive Delaney up to the bus stop, but an hour later, we had a couple of inches, and my car would not make it out of our cul-de-sac. I was slipping and sliding everywhere. I tried for 40 minutes (can you tell how badly I wanted to get everyone off to school-LOL), but had to give up. Rob was on his way to the airport, so he got Emily up to school, which left me with the boys.

They finally did cancel afternoon kindergarten, so Jake is the only one officially on a snowday. And me. Because with both Jake and Trey home, I get nothing done. So we've been doing homework, playing the Wii, and baking cookies. Anyway- it's supposed to all melt by 3:00 (although that's in 15 minutes, and theres still a ton of snow on our hill).

And, I'm watching several cars spin around all over the street...guess we're still housebound. Trey has his make up field trip tomorrow (for the trip that was cancelled due to snow in December). I believe everything will be gone, and we'll get to go: It's rollerskating. I'll take lots of pictures :)

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leahlefler said...

Snow loses its appeal rather quickly, lol. Have fun ice skating! I want to see pictures of crazy hair day!