Sunday, January 18, 2009

Quiet evening here.....

Just the two boys and I. Both girls are gone at sleepovers, and Rob is in Seattle for work. It's kind of odd to have the house so tired and sleepy, so early. Not that I mind- in fact, I'm probably going to be joining the boys shortly (yes, I know it's very early, shh!) We had the craziest weekend we've ever had (two basketball games, three soccer games, and ODP soccer training an hour and 1/2 away- and that was just Saturday). But, we survived it, and the kids all got to their respective activities and had a great time. That said, I'm just wiped out. Not to mention I had to finish the dreaded paper this morning. I completely procrastinated on it, but through no fault of my own. The kids and I are sharing one computer right now because my poor decrepit Mac moves slower than molasses. So, I'm in the market for a laptop FINALLY. I'd love words of wisdom, recommendations. My heart is definitely leading me to the Macbook, but my cheap side is leading me to a Toshiba or Sony.

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