Saturday, January 10, 2009

Loose ends and other random thoughts

Now that school is back in, I'm realizing that I've never heard back from the lawyer regarding Trey's case. I guess after such a disappointing IEP meeting, I kind of put it on the back burner and moved forward. I was also waiting for the lawyer to let us know whether he wanted to take Trey's case or not. If he's not willing to take it, then we'll just move forward as we've done in the past, and not go to due process hearing. We just don't have the resources to hire our own lawyer, and frankly I think all we'll accomplish on our own is losing the case at the end of the day, which could ultimately hurt the other families in our area who are contemplating taking action. Anyway- I guess that could be seen as 'wimping out' again, but I'd like to think it's knowing when to give yourself a break. We still have many years to work with our current district, and other than the preschool issue I've been pleased.

I also realized that we have still never received Trey's replacement cochlear implant from when it was lost awhile back. I sent in our notarized letter to AB, and they had some questions regarding the headpiece and battery. We updated the letter, sent it back and still are waiting. Thank goodness we had a backup.

One of my assignments this week is to interview 4 special education teachers (2 working in co-enrolled classes, and 2 working in specialized classes), as well as a principal. The co-enrolled classes should not be that difficult since that is what we tend to have here in our area, but the specialized classroom might be tough. If any of you know of a special ed teacher, who teaches in a non-integrated classroom please let me know. I'd love to do an interview via email.....

Anyway- I think that's it for now :)


Jodie, said...

my sister is a special education teacher in a multiple handicap classroom. her email is, put special ed interview in the subject so she knows.

Jodie said...

I forgot to tell you I am a sign language interpreter and assistant teacher in a special ed classroom

Loudest Mom said...


Thank you for the message :)

I emailed your sister tonight,

Loudest Mom said...

I forgot one comment (sorry, it's been a long day :). I'd love to get your perspective as well at some point. Thanks for your help,

jodie said...

any time, my email is