Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Someday it will be funny...

It will be a story we will laugh about- I promise. These are the words I told Delaney the other night after a waxing experiment gone horribly awry. Never mind the fact that her dad and I were already seeing SO much humor in the situation (we're talking huge belly laughs, tears rolling down faces, while frantically trying to pretend it wasn't funny).

The victim in this story? Obviously my poor bushy eyebrowed daughter (yes, thank your papa for that).

The villain (or inepet waxer)? Me.

I should have learned from the green hair experiment of 1990 (replace Delaney w/ my sister Laura, and me w/ my mother, and maybe throw in a bottle of bad hair bleach).

Anyway- I've been doing her eyebrows for the past 12 months, since she noticed that hers were maybe a bit more "full" than others. And, we've been very successful, until now. That said, I had never used wax before. Man does it spread quickly- all OVER the eyebrow. Unfortunately when I ripped off the cute little crescent moon shape, half her eyebrow came off with it. Oops! But, years from now she will tell this story, and laugh about it. She may choose to get her eyebrows done professionally at some point, but frankly, it will be months before there is an eyebrow there to wax-LOL.

Thank goodness for eyebrow pencil.


leahlefler said...

Oh, too funny! Not for Delaney, I'm sure, but it will be at some point! This is when I'm glad I only have boys!

Loudest Mom said...

Boys = low maintenance (at least I hope so....)

Val said...

haha, poor girl, you should be ashamed of yourself for laughing but I know you're not.
As for boys...let's think of taking mom out of the equation and what do you have? You have brother cutting sister's hair...he's too smart to cut his own, so he CHOPS Brook's hair, and it's not cute! But I'm just thankful he didn't clip her coil cable.