Thursday, January 8, 2009

HOH/deaf parent group being started...

at Trey's school, and I'm so glad. We had one in Utah through the girls preschool, and it's just so nice to make the connection w/ other parents going through similar issues. It's been my one complaint about Trey's school, yet did I do anything about it? Nope. But, two fantastic parents have organized it, and hopefully it will be well attended. The only potential problem is that it is on a Saturday, and between soccer, basketball, and life in general our Saturday's are busy. But, I'm going to sure try! Support is so key, and while we're at a stage where the kids are doing pretty well, have their various devices and a lot of the unknowns are gone, it's still just nice to chat w/ other parents going through similar things.

I'm almost done with all my homework for the week! Now comes the nervewracking part....waiting for my first grades!

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