Tuesday, February 10, 2009

LVAS/EVAS families...Have any of you been asked to send your children to school with a helmet?

I was asked this question by our school nurse. She wondered whether based on the children's history, they should bring a helmet to school for P.E. and recess. No offense, but I would think *that* would make them feel a bit different??? So, I told her that we were willing to take a chance on losing further hearing (especially since when the kids are not in school, they are usually out on a soccer field). I think they are going to draft a waiver for us to sign.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this experience??? Darn liability!


leah said...

We don't have LVAS, but that is definitely an interesting encounter! I think I'd pass on the helmet thing, too. I know there are lots of LVAS/EVAS families out there, and I've never seen any of them sending their kids to school in a helmet!

Anonymous said...


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