Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Pre-Valentine's Day Date Night....

We rarely go out to dinner (mainly because the two boys together are still a bit of a handful. Last night I promised the two that I'm in charge of for the weekend, that we would go out to dinner. So we did. We went out for Chinese food, and it was a very enjoyable evening. (Not a great picture of me, but I thought I commemorate the evening with a picture....Jake's face makes it all worthwhile).

We *might* actually do it again someday - Jake has already asked if we can go back again tonight :)


Val said...

ON MY way out to eat w/my two, you know I'm nervous.....this never ends well. But I'm determined!

Mandie said...

All of your kids are super cute, and so expressive! I wonder if that characteristic is common among HOH kids, cause mine are crazy like that.

On a serious note, My husband and I are at that "is it time to have another kid" stage, and I know you don't know me from Adam, but I would really like to ask you some questions and get your insight on having more kids when you're dealing with hearing issues. My email is If you have some free time would you mind emailing me so we can chat about it?

Loudest Mom said...

We have always said the same thing, and yes, I do think it's a common characteristic...(It's also the thing I'd miss the most if my kids had *perfect* hearing :)

I'd love to give you my perspective, knowing that it is such an individual choice. I'll email you tomorrow (just keep in mind we were crazy enough to have four-LOL)