Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bring On The Sun

We survived the soccer game at the crack of dawn, the mad rush to t-ball, t-ball pictures (wrangling ten 5-6 year old boys/girls), the mud wrestling that ensued during the group t-ball picture, and Emily's soccer game this afternoon, where my daughter almost took down a girl twice her size (she's little but fiesty!). We are all sunburnt (yes, sunscreen *was* needed), hot, a wee bit cranky and tired. But, I got some outstanding pictures (that I'll share with you all in the next day or so). I'm sure my mom and dad will need a week or two to recover from this visit. They watched a total of three soccer games and a t-ball game today, as well as Delaney's basketball game last night- that's a whole lotta love!

I'm going back out to enjoy the SUNSHINE, bye ya'll.

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