Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Trip To The Puppet Show....

Trey's class went on a field trip today to a small neighborhood puppet theater. I wish I could share pictures, but alas, I did not bring my camera. I *always* bring my camera, but today? Not so much. This small theater was filled w/ two classes of preschool age children (and a few of the neighborhood children who wanted to enjoy the show). All in all it was a great time- but just a note for the people who run said puppet theater. If you ask for audience participation, keep in mind who your audience is, and don't try to reign in the chaos so much. Asking for preschool children to sit on their bottoms the entire time, raise hands while not gleefully shouting out their 'answers' (and I do mean shouting- several of these kids are HOH kiddos, although in all fairness, they weren't the loud ones), and not shriek at the appearance of a new puppet, is just setting yourselves up for failure. But, for $3.50 the show cannot be beat.

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