Friday, April 18, 2008

Have You Ever Played Hooky?

I have....just once or twice. Only in college, when free from the mom and dad influence I sometimes chose *not* to go to class. Not enough to do much harm....but, enough to keep me from graduating from college with honors (not that I was going to anyway, but let's just say I probably didn't do myself an favors). Only back then it was typically to go hang out in the sun w/ friends, or to go shopping at the mall, take an impromptu roadtrip- the pursuit of FUN.

Today, I feel like playing hooky. I won't, but wouldn't it be nice? To just skip the soccer practice, and basketball game, and find something really fun and exciting to do and just go *do it*. Don't get me wrong- the basketball game will be fun, the soccer practice in the cold- a little less so, but sometimes it feels really nice to just not have to be somewhere. The reality- I actually have to be somewhere right now- I'm off to pick up prescriptions, and then head out for the afternoon and evening activities. Summer will be here soon, and that's the closest we get to playing hooky. And there's not a hint of summer in the air here .....yet.

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