Monday, April 28, 2008

Vacation Countdown.....O.K., Not Really

It's really just a trip for a soccer tournament (first of the new season), but in our family- THAT'S a vacation :) Jake has already asked me 6 times today if we're going to the hotel yet. Of course, little does he know he *might* not be allowed near this hotel's pool. We stayed at the same hotel last June, and he managed to throw up IN THE POOL. They had to shut it down for cleaning, much to the other hotel patrons dismay. Fun times. Hopefully we have no vomiting associated w/ this tournament. The first tournament of last year Delaney got the stomach flu and was sick the entire weekend- everywhere. She did manage to get it together enough to play in the semi-final that's committment for you :)

We're fun to travel with-LOL.

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