Monday, April 21, 2008

Rain-Out....Gotta love baseball

Soccer, you play through anything. Rain? Whatever. Snow? Dress warm. Ice? Drive carefully. Gotta love baseball where the game is canceled for a little rain. I'll encourage all the kids to quit Spring soccer and play ball.

I'm going to run down and watch the end of the Hallmark presentation of "Sweet Nothing In My Ear".... obviously the tivo came through for me last night. I don't normally enjoy the excessive sweetness, pull at the heartstrings of Hallmark movies, but I was really interested to see how this was presented. I tried so hard, but missed the end. So far, my only comment is I thought Jeff Daniels (yes, I fixed this....Oops:) did a GREAT job signing. Other than that, I think the movie did a pretty good job of showing all the different perspectives without condemning any one group. That's difficult to achieve :)

I hope little baby Christian and family are doing fantastic! This is only the beginning of an exciting ride.....


leahlefler said...

There are times I'm glad my guys are too little for organized sports, lol!

We wished we had Tivo because the commercials for Sweet Nothing were nearly all Hallmark card commercials (duh) and LONGGGGG. DH gave up and went upstairs to watch Psych. I thought they did a decent job of presenting both sides. I was excited to see the hard of hearing psychologist. Is it really weird to get excited when you see someone in hearing aids?? LOL.

Loudest Mom said...

Nope- I feel the same way (and so do the kids....they go our of their way to show that they have them also :)