Friday, April 4, 2008

A Trip To Boy Paradise....

Today I had a playdate with my son Jake. It is rare that we get to do something one-on-one. Jake was only 17 months when Trey came along, so he's had to share time for most of his life- not that he complains, but today he got some individual time with mom. I really can't take all of the credit for the idea, my husband suggested it, as Trey was in school and the girls were both at sleep-overs (to be honest, I think he just wanted some peace and quiet, but it was still a great idea).

We dropped Trey at school, and headed over to OMSI (the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry). I have to say- Jake was perfectly behaved the entire three hour trip, and we had the BEST time :) OMSI has a spectacular dinosaur exhibit right now that was just the thing for a 5 year old boy (in fact, I have rougly 50-60 pictures to share, if you'd really like), as well as a bottle water rocket launcher that he would have played with for hours. But, the funniest thing is which exhibit he wanted to visit *first*, which also happens be the exhibit that the girls flock to every time we visit: The Ear. They are fascinated with the anatomy, the way the ear hears, (and here's the kicker) the SOUNDBOOTH. Yes, because we, as a family, are not familiar with a soundbooth (HA), they all feel compelled to try out the booth. It's by far the cheapest visit to a sound booth we have ever have :)

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leahlefler said...

ROFL- he visits the science museum and wants to see the sound booth. That's hilarious! My guys are 20 months apart and I love having "alone" time with each one of them, though it rarely happens!