Tuesday, April 8, 2008

So Betrayed....

O.K., not really, but Marielle's mom (see notes on side because I STILL cannot put links in my posts), brought it all back for me. We moved here, to the Pacific Nw after having an outstanding audiologist in Utah, who we trusted a lot. A bit melodramatic? Maybe, but these people become very near and dear to you, when you've gotten the news we have gotten over the years. You trust their guidance, their ability to *know* your kids, and the fact that if you call them, and say 'we need an appointment right away' they will squeeze you in, because they know the history.

We moved here, and started from scratch, and found two Audiologists who were great. One we are still lucky enough to have, but she works at the private school. She really is not set up to take on outside patients (that said, she has always made exceptions). The other was. (Notice the use of the word 'was'). She has moved. I only know this because we called to make an appointment and were 'informed'. I'm shocked and don't know who to go to now. She knows us- knows the kids, etc. I wish she would have sent out a letter, and maybe even some recommendations on where to go from here. You know????

Back to square one (and w/ four kids who area always in need of appointments, I don't have any time to waste).

I still think they should teach parents how to work the equipment ;)

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