Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Edward Scissorhands and other odds and ends

So, yesterday after deciding my pale and pasty kids needed a dose of sunshine, we all headed outside. The boys were quickly remembering how much fun their bikes were, and I was quickly remembering how badly my flower beds needed to be weeded. After a good 20 minutes of yanking out weeds, I was done. I just do not like gardening. But, what I do like to do is attack, I mean trim my shrubs. They were hugely overgrown, and in need of some pruning (it probably should have been done in the Fall- I don't know when your technically supposed to do it, but I was in the mood). I channeled my inner Edward Scissorhands and went to town. It's very therapeutic. That said, I think I may have overdone it....we'll have to see if they survive the attack.

We had sleep-over number 3 last night (and I now know my limit). Three in a row is too many. I brought our sleepover guest to Trey's school, where Em, her friend, and Jake spent 5 minutes or so playing on the school playground. Not a long time, but as it turned out LONG ENOUGH. They really enjoyed the tire swing. So much so, that after loading all four kids into the car, Em's friend told me her stomach hurt. I offered to stop at the fast food restaurant on the trip home to buy everyone a drink. Thank goodness we stopped. She and Emily made a mad dash into the bathroom, where Emily's friend promptly threw up EVERYWHERE. We may be avoiding that particular drink stop in the future- I think we're no longer welcome.

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