Thursday, November 6, 2008

We are off to Seattle this weekend for a soccer tournament....

and of course I am not at all prepared. The house is a bit of a mess, there is a large pile of clothes in need of washing (thanks to the bugs, of course.....), I have no idea where bathing suits are (which of course are a necessity since the kids equate Seattle with swimming pools, thanks to our many hotel stays), and since someone will be coming in the house to take care of the dog I feel the need to steam clean all of our carpets. That is a job I really do not enjoy, but I am always pleased with the end result.

This is also Parent Teacher conference week for Emily and Jake. Rob went to Jake's conference yesterday. Overall he is doing really well, although it appears he does not like to rejoin the class after recess, and sometimes 'lingers' out on the playground hoping someone will not notice him. So far they spot him every time, and the recess volunteers are hoping this behavior will disappear with a little help from mom and dad. He's on par with all his fellow students academically (and a bit ahead in certain areas), although he does have a problem sounding out the letters. Makes sense to me that he might struggle in that area. The overall assessment? Jake is a fun loving boy who is very motivated to get his classwork done- so far a joy in the classroom. I can live with that :)

Now let's hope Emily's goes as well. I'll be interested to see what her teacher has to say since I know WE'VE been frustrated with how poorly she's been hearing lately. I'm hoping that our mapping session on Tuesday has helped.

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