Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Deja Vu- My Dishwasher Broke

I seem to recall posting this around holiday time last year! Same dishwasher.....I think it breaks on purpose gearing up for Thanksgiving. We may be going the paper route for Turkey Day this year (only we'd be in big trouble in this neck of the woods- not environmentally friendly at all). I'll just stick to hand washing a LOT of dishes.

For your viewing pleasure, here is last year's post on November 20th:
Here's a funny one for you......
What do you think would be one of the worst times for your dishwasher to start leaking all over the kitchen, making it unusable???? If you answered right before Thanksgiving- the holiday that generates the most amount of mess, you'd be correct. Bummer, huh? (EDIT: Well, I guess the cause of the leaking was the Lysol cleaner I sprayed on the inside of the door to get rid of the bad smell- But, I'm glad they came out because of my note below).

But, I'm choosing to look at it this way- For the first 3 years of my oldest dd's life, we didn't have a dishwasher, a garbage disposal, etc. We lived in a historic 1930's bungalow, that was still quite.....rustic. I'm going to use this as an opportunity to be thankful for the fact that our current house has a dishwasher (that may work again in the near future).

Off to try (ha ha) to get the appliance person out before Turkey day :)

NOW FIXED- YAY! Well, except he discovered my heating element is not working (which explains the not so nice smell coming from the dishwasher, which was the inspiration for me spraying the inside of the dishwasher w/ Lysol), But it is usable, if I pre-wash well.

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