Friday, November 14, 2008

Just to clarify (and a comment on Cochlear Implant boxes)

There really wasn't any 'new' from my post below....unless you're willing to count a clean room. Which let's be honest, is kind of new these days. We'll have to see if Emily even notices. I wish someone would 'magically' clean my room.

One observation: Emily's closet would be so much more roomy if she didn't have three huge Cochlear implant boxes up top. Can they make those boxes any bigger??? She has a big silver one that housed her original AB Platinum series body worn processor, an Auria processor box, and a Harmony box. I'm thinking I can consolidate, but I don't know- I'd hate to throw something away that I might need. It was such a huge investment I feel like the box should be worth something.


Charlotte said...

just an thought, how about giving them back to the hospital so they can recondition them and loan them out as spares???

I have been following your blog for while and found that your family great!



Anonymous said...


Our audiologist was telling me that she works with a family who has tons of equipment and a great way of storing it. They buy the travel cases for toiletries, the ones that fold in thirds that you can hang on the wall or wherever. They have all these little clear zipper compartments that allow you to see the stuff and keep it all organized, plus it's easy to fold up and throw into a duffle bag for a trip.

Just FYI, I'm giving up the fight with our district because we signed a contract on buying a house this week! It's in another school district, one that is known for being incredibly cooperative with the deaf school. Let's hope that is our experience this time!!!

Take care :-)

Loudest Mom said...


That is a great thought. I could easily donate the Platinum (body worn) processor. I don't think any of my kids would use it as a back-up- Trey has never worn that model, and would probably hate it, and my 12 year old would definitely not wear anything visible-LOL.

Great idea:)

Loudest Mom said...


Great suggestion- I"m going to go buy one today!

And, you know, I knew you had a contract on your house, but didn't even think about that impacting your school district stuff (in a GREAT way). I'm excited for you guys- it sounds wonderful.

Best of luck with the move, etc.

Anonymous said...

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