Friday, November 21, 2008

Just finished Trey's evaluations.... (and, special bonus- I'd like to introduce SuperTurkey)

These evals were for his mid-year progress report. He has shown a lot of improvement between his last evaluations and now, but I'm not sure how many months of growth it translates to. I suppose I'll have to wait for our evaluation meeting to really better understand it....again, waiting. Definitely not my strong suit :) Three of the tests were administered by me, here at the house. They are tests I have done before so I have a good idea where he has been at, and was amazed at how many more boxes I could check. This is good, although he has definite holes that show up.

Em's IEP meeting is after school today but the IEP itself (that was sent home to preview), looked pretty good. It is one of the more thorough IEPs I've seen, up to this point.

And now, the part of the post I'm sure you are more interested in, the special bonus!

Today is Spirit Day at the kids' school, and the theme is superheroes. I figured Emily and Jake would just grab one of our existing superhero outfits and go with that, but no. Emily wrote a story in class yesterday about SuperTurkey, and, of course, she wanted to be....SuperTurkey (not sure if that's how it is spelled, I should have consulted the author-LOL). She did the costume all on her own, with the exception of some final taping. She cut up a large piece of two-sided poster board (one side red, one side blue) and created large back feathers, which she then taped together. She also made a large T for her chest. She wore a bright red sweater, and blue jeans. It was pretty cute, and more importantly she really did not want me to help (I LOVE it). And, I'll definitely give her an "A" for creativity.


Anonymous said...

What? No Super Turkey picture?
Glad to hear that you're looking at a least one good IEP and good to hear about Trey's progress. I don't know how you keep it all straight; I've been losing it with just one IEP to look after!

Loudest Mom said...

Unfortunately Super Turkey did not survive the school day, so no pictures :(

I HATE IEPs at this point......