Monday, November 10, 2008

I started doing some holiday shopping today.....

and found a gift for myself (one that I won't actually *buy* myself until we have no other financial priorities, so basically never :), but it is awesome. It's the will electronically store up to 200 books for you, and it is no larger than a typical paperback book. You can download a full length novel in less than one minute. Anyway- as I was shopping for the kids, I stumbled across it, and being the book lover that I am (and also the collector of piles of books, some of which I know I'll never read again) it just intrigued me. I will say I think I would miss the smell of a book. Does that sound weird? Probably. I love the smell of a new book, I always have, and I doubt the kindle will ever duplicate that, but if they could (and if it wasn't close to $400) I'd be all over it.

Now, back to e-shopping for Christmas. Maybe the kids will be happy with cochlear implant batteries in their stockings....maybe not.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I'd miss the smell of books too! You're not alone! I would also miss the feel of turning pages, etc.

Batteries in the stockings? GENIUS!