Monday, November 3, 2008

Dirty Little Secret- Shhhhh, don't tell anyone

O.K.- I went back and forth on just how much sharing really needs to go on here, but I've decided there will be no secrets. I will share all- even that which may disgust. Be prepared, read at your own risk.

(Hopefully I've built this up enough that the reality will seem like no big deal-LOL). Trey came home from school on Friday w/ an itchy, itchy head- Rob took one look, and sure enough, head lice. (Not sure where they originated, maybe preschool, the other kids are all bug free). YUCK! He had eggs a plenty on his poor little head. So we rushed out, bought the lice treatment, poured it on, let it sit, and then combed away. Let's just say he had plenty to comb away. Just in case our combing was not thorough enough, we then shaved off all of his hair.....well, not *quite* all, but it's definitely cut 'summer style'. You'll notice in the Halloween pictures (which will be posted later today) how hair-free he is. By Saturday we were able to declare him bug free, but then calamity struck.

My head started itching.....yes, I too had bugs in my hair (all those afternoons, when taking Trey out of the car he would lay his little *buggy* head on my shoulder, in my hair, and sleep...sweet, yes? NO). We're talking a whole new level of repulsion. It's one thing for my little boy to have a bug, but on my head???? There has never been a combing so thorough (at least 14 times), and it appears that I caught it early, thank goodness. I will also be following up with every home remedy in the book, and potentially shaving my head (o.k., so not really. I'm not that crazy and neurotic...yet.)

So, there you have it. That said, I am quite confident that I will (or maybe even already have) conquer the bugs. For good, forever.


Val said...

haha,oh you poor thing...I mean you have three other kids and a husband they should have attacked before But this doesn't surprise ME, you have interesting luck. Remember all those soccer trips and hotel stays w/viruses spreading throughout your family. Let's face it, you're attractive to bugs! lol

Loudest Mom said...

Very sad, but true.....why I'm shocked is the real mystery :)

Jennifer said...

Oh, we did that a couple of years ago! The girls all had them and it took us FOREVER to get them all out! I was so paranoid about getting them myself but luckily was spared!

avtcoach said...

I did feel for you as I read this post. When my oldest of two was in Kindergarten she came home with head lice and my I remember bagging all of those toys for two weeks in addition to washing and drying all bedding, vacuuming and washing heads..more than once. It has to happen to everyone at least once! In those days the kids had their coats on hooks side by side in the hallway. The school changed to cubbies that year!

Lisa Milton said...

Hi! Erika emailed me about your calamity.

We went through that last spring. I think with boys, it is a little easier to nix but as ladies have it rougher.

If it comes back, I'd try LiceMD. It feels like super slippery hair product and it will ruin your shirt because it's messy, but it finally did the trick on my girl's thick hair.

(I swear I nit combed my hair in the shower for weeks afterwards. Paranoid. And feeling very chic. :))

Hope the critters take leave soon.

Loudest Mom said...

Thanks for the tip Lisa! LiceMD it will be (although I really hope maybe we're done???)

I am so sick of the nit comb at this point, but will probably use it until at least Christmas - LOL

Julie said...

Oh... so sorry!

My son went through this with his school. The new protocol is to put your coat IN your backpack, rather than hang them all up side-by-side.

Hope this is all a faint and funny memory soon ;0)